F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet

in this case is running in a Raspberry Pi

Sherif has been looking into Ledger HSM connections to a access point. Have you looked into any of this yet? I am planning on using a AWS system but I am not comfortable leaving the keys in that environment.

Do we know when the functionx cloud servers are ready?

Didn’t test with ledger yet. will try in next install. i have to 2 legder but i don’t want to mess with them.
i have $50 in each :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

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dont know, problably as soon as external validators are avaliable, november

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@ClaudioxBarros : I don’t see why a Ledger would be needed. Is there any option to limit withdrawals or anything else when a Ledger would be used ?
@Richard : I started up everything with the new node version. But when trying to unjail it responds to me with “insufficient fees”. Can you help me ?

{"height":"0","txhash":"929EE9834C6D4A250CB53B724210DB2A6342D9AEF20CADE9CD906D73F80F6BE8","codespace":"sdk","code":13,"data":"","raw_log":"insufficient fees; got:  required: 1200000000000000000FX: insufficient fee","logs":[],"info":"","gas_wanted":"200000","gas_used":"0","tx":null,"timestamp":""}```   

And BTW, the complete tutorial is underway !

Thanks !!

Use --fees 1200000000000000000FX

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Thanks @ClaudioxBarros . It worked perfectly. Thanks again !

well done @ClaudioxBarros! great summary!

@FrenchXCore im glad @ClaudioxBarros has answered your question. the general rule of thumb is, whenever you broadcast a state changing transaction, you have to add the --fees 1200000000000000000FX

friends romans, I have added a document in the gitbook on how to navigate through the commands for fxcored. kindly refer to it especially @FrenchXCore & @wolfpack64 I’m assuming a lot of your questions will be answered there. and that might help you with unjailing your validator @ClaudioxBarros :laughing:

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if you have the hardware requirement, you should go for it. i think the tutorial is pretty comprehensive enough. and if you run into any issues, you can always fall back on the forum

i unjail mine a lot of times :rofl: i dont validate blocks , so in fue days is jail

is there a fix time when you get in jail? or can you un jail immediately?

Thanks Richard !!

BTW I’m still eager to try and understand what a Ledger would bring to a node please…

@ClaudioxBarros , is that the reason why mine is being jailed regularly as well ? because it’s not being for block validation ?
@zaccheah , it’s kind of scary to see so few “private” validators on testnet…

Last note: I estimate the FunctionX testnet node tutorial will be finished by next week.

did you upgrade the logic? you might have been using the old logic we implemented ie. where validators needed to do cross chain validation also, if not they will not qualify for the active validator set.

to do so, you will need to reinstall fxcore and sync up again. it is much faster with the snapshot sync.

I did reinstall and resync, but it keeps getting jailed every other day.

ok could you send me your validator pub address? you can ping me privately. and also roughly when you did a reinstall and sync up so we can narrow our investigation

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Just a heads up, f(x)Wallet will be updated with FXCore testnet options in 48 hours. With that we don’t need a special version of f(x)Wallet to setup testnet validator.

And most importantly, let’s get Mainnet validator up this month! More updates soon.