f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Prizes & Rewards

f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program: f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Now Available

Be Part of the Public Alpha Program To Win FX Tokens
  Total Rewards Pool: 5,000 FX

1. Participation Rewards – 1,000 FX

  • Who: Participants of the Public Alpha Program
  • How: Any participant who has conducted at least 101 transactions under their registered address
  • Distribution: Rewards will be equally divided between all eligible addresses. For example, if there are 100 addresses eligible for the reward, then each address will receive 1,000/100 = 10 FX.

2. Referral Master Prize – 1,000 FX

  • Who: Referrals Leaderboard Top 20
  • Calculation: By the number of referrals.
    To prevent potential cheating behaviors, each IP address is allowed to submit at most 3 requests on Registration & Getting Referral Link page. Once the limit is reached, the IP address can no longer send registration requests.
  • Distribution:
    1st place – 260 FX,
    2nd place – 150F X,
    3rd place – 100 FX,
    4th place – 75 FX,
    5th place – 65 FX,
    6th - 10th place – 40 FX each,
    11th - 15th place – 20 FX each,
    16th - 20th place – 10 FX each

3. Gainer Master Prize – 2,000 FX

  • Who: Gainers Leaderboard Top 30
  • Calculation: Basically, the profits gained are simply decided by the difference of the address USDT balance at two different time – the time when the Program starts (marked as Initial Balance), and when the Program is closed (marked as Final Balance). After the Initial Balance is marked, any bridged USDT testcoin transferred to the address from another address during the Program will be excluded from Profit calculation as well. In summary, Profits = (Final Balance – Initial Balance [- any transferred USDT]) / Initial Balance
  • Distribution:
    1st place – 500 FX;
    2nd place – 300 FX,
    3rd place – 200 FX,
    4th place – 150 FX,
    5th place – 100 FX,
    6th - 10th place – 50 FX each,
    11th - 15th place – 40 FX each,
    16th - 20th place – 30 FX each,
    21st - 30th place – 15 FX each

4. Feedback Rewards – 1,000 FX

  • Who: 10 active feedback givers selected by the FXNEER committee
  • How: Actively provide suggestions/feedback or find/report bugs on Discord and FX Forum.
  • Distribution: 100 FX for each winner

If cheating behaviors are detected, Function X reserves the right to terminate anyone from participating the Public Alpha Program.


Can I get all of them?

First round of feedback based on first opening the app and looking around.

  • I can’t get the referral link in the browser (should be obtainable somewhere in the browser.)
  • could we have a portfolio page where you can see all positions at once?
  • is it possible to add a copyable address somewhere so you can use the pc to share your address (for example to copy and paste into the test faucet, and later if you want to use browser related apps and websites to send crypto?
  • there is a huge focus on trading (day trading) could there also be some adjustments so that people that simply want to hold, similar to normal stock holding, can have a portfolio, and hide trade elements?
  • I do not see the possibility to set limit orders
  • Making leveraged orders is really easy, perhaps an idea to add a warning of the risks associated with leverage trading
  • when closing a long you have to manually type out the sell price, could a function be added that the order books stays usable so you can select a price instead of having to type one out? i feel this is my number 1 thing that needs to be improved as a QOL feature that makes trading teadiuos to easy to use.
  • I like that the open positions show your profit/loss and allow you to close a position right from there
  • I like how the arrow in the order book visualizes the price trend
  • I cant find where i can see who used my refferal link to join

that is my first feedback sofar

new thing,

  • when doing transactions you need to use your main password, if you use a long one for security, you need to type this long password every time, is it possible to add a trade password that can be a shorter pin code or something, or that after a code is given the trading unlocks without having to constantly input a password? otherwise it becomes a drag to fill out the password wit every trade, or compromise the password strength of the wallet.

Good evening , a little error on the dex text . In the position menu , “ margin “ is write “marign”

1. Participation Rewards – 1,000 FX
This point is not logical.
Because the more people who make more than 100 transactions, the better.
But the more such people, the less the reward will be!))

I use the phones Bio finger print works quick, faster then any P-word


I have a lot to learn before I can give a lot of input here yet.

Question: in the future when you disconnect; will there be an ability to see your assets in your Variable’s wallets, with current value’s as we can see our crypto at a glance, being able to still see the $$ value of the assets in your wallet totals just feels better when disconnected and away from your PC rather then feeling you own less because it’s invested else where when you look in your wallets off line.

How are Shares you own stored, are they in a form of Crypto that can be stored or are they in a record that can’t be tampered with

Hey mate, thank you very much for trying out Variable, and thanks for your feedback! There is currently no functionality to view your assets trading on-chain within the wallet app. It’s a good suggestion.

All transactions with Variable are processed on-chain. Variable takes zero custody in all steps of the trade process, so you can be assured that your assets are well-protected in a decentralized, permissionless system.


Hi all, @CelsiusEverett is our friendly trading engineer and he will need all the bugs report he can get, give it to em (us)! thanks.


Need some training video’s to understand this way of trading, I’ve watched a few on youtube I’m still trying to define the trading terms and how it’s applied - looks like your short is paying off if i’m forming any understanding, If I Long and buy at a price and then I can wait 10 years for like $2000 then I would close selling back to zero for 100% profits, dose leverage only apply when you short; is that correct

I cant seem to either long or short. A pop up window shows up with a message to sign in through fx wallet but nothing shows up.

I use chrome on linux.

you connect the wallet Via the device your FX wallet is on, so after scanning the QR with the device; on the device you need to select the wallet and ok the connection; once you make a trade you have to pay and ok the TX on your device - not the pc. because your connecting a decentralised wallet not one stored in the trading page / group / platform.

Okay, I seem to have found the problem.

My phone is set to turn off display after 30 seconds. After which, If I wait for around 2 to 3 mins before going through any trade. It seems to stop working then. So, I have to disconnect and reconnect to fx variable to get it work again.

I use a Pixel device with the latest security update (Jan 2022, Android 12)

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First of all, I want to thank you (and the team, of course) for such a great FX-integrated DApp.
It’s very heart-warming to see the real FX-ecosystem start !

Then, I have some comments:

  1. Bug : it seems the synchronization status with WalletConnect is not stable : sometimes, even if I’m disconnected from WalletConnect in f(x)Wallet, the web browser still thinks I’m connected, shows my previous “dex…” address with green bullet, and asks me to sign thru my f(x)Wallet, thus explaining why some people have some issues.
  2. Improvement : starting with margin-trade was probably not the best choice, since lots of people are not comfortable with margin-trade. Especially, I would recommend to have two tabs (a lot like Binance app actually). First one would be SPOT trading, and 2nd one being MARGIN trading.
  3. Improvement : if ever implementing a SPOT trading mode, it would be great to have multiple BUY and SELL modes : Limit-Buy, Limit-Sell, Market, Stop-Limit, One-Cancel-Another. Here again, the more we look like the Binance app, the more adoption there will be since Binance App is THE reference in crypto-trading.
  4. Edit : I would replace the “TradingView” tab name with a simple candlesticks icon like the one you have on the left-part of the trading view. And similarly, I would replace the candlesticks icon you have on the left for “Indicators” with the one used in TradingView:
    <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 28 28" width="28" height="28" fill="none"><path stroke="currentColor" d="M6 12l4.8-4.8a1 1 0 0 1 1.4 0l2.7 2.7a1 1 0 0 0 1.3.1L23 5"></path><path fill="currentColor" fill-rule="evenodd" d="M19 12a1 1 0 0 0-1 1v4h-3v-1a1 1 0 0 0-1-1h-3a1 1 0 0 0-1 1v2H7a1 1 0 0 0-1 1v4h17V13a1 1 0 0 0-1-1h-3zm0 10h3v-9h-3v9zm-1 0v-4h-3v4h3zm-4-4.5V22h-3v-6h3v1.5zM10 22v-3H7v3h3z"></path></svg>
  5. Edit : for the candlestick durations, I would typically reuse Binance App view, removing “Line”, changing “Min” to “m” and “Hr” to “h”, with default candlestick durations like 1h, 4h, 1D, and put all the others into a “More” submenu (Line, 1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 2h, 6h, 12h, 3D, 1W).
  6. Edit: Fonts: it would be nice to have the same font used for submenus of candlestick durations as for the generic duration. This also applies to “Going Long”, “Going Short”, “Amount” + [Base Currency] and “Price” + [Quote Currency]

And that’s all for now !

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You’re right, when a smartphone goes to sleep mode, this is when the issue appears indeed.

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Regarding the unstable connection of WalletConnect, I think a web extension like MetaMask is needed to support such high frequency contract trading

my phone is set to only to shut off when i tap a close icon on my screen or use the power button, I’ve had no connection issues.

These are perpetual contracts—think of them like your traditional futures, except without a settlement date. Like futures, you can go either long or short the contract. You can apply leverage both ways (we offer leverage from 1-25x). Unlike futures, there is no settlement date; however, there is funding settlement that occurs 4x during trading days.

Please refer here for more details on the funding times and the funding rate calculation.

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Thanks for the comments @Riz_Truth and @FrenchXCore. If the f(x) Wallet app doesn’t prompt to sign the transaction, you can try reinstating a new connection with Variable. This is a known issue and we’re working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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cool to know,
unfortunately, there are also phones that dont have that feature, so might still be usefull for those