f(x)Wallet 3.0 Updates

reserved this for f(x)Wallet 3.0 thread.

  1. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1651188642944020480?s=20

  2. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1653364832874164226
    :white_check_mark:One single wallet at a time, allowing easy management of all crypto assets stored within that wallet!
    :white_check_mark:QR code (receive) / Send / Buy (with fiat, if available) / Explorer (view all TXs that occurred on this address)

  1. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1653667000172855296
    :white_check_mark:(1) Switch from one wallet to another
    :white_check_mark:(2) Tap the “+” button on the left menu bar to choose to show/not to show a specific #blockchain (or wallet)
    :white_check_mark:(3) Switch or add a new wallet address

  1. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1654405019527966721
    :pushpin:No longer need to open settings to add a token or arrange the display order! Just tap the “+” button on the wallet!

Popular: Tokens available to be added
My Token: Arrange the display order of the tokens or remove an added token

  1. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1655490660001017857
    :white_check_mark: The NFT gallery now shows the description of the NFT and has a direct link to OpenSea to view full details!

  1. https://twitter.com/FUNCTIONX_IO/status/1659204198481924108
    :fire: The first 8 dapps will be pinned on the main screen of Dapp Center. You can decide which ones to be pinned by dragging and dropping to arrange the order!


Hi Function X community,

The f(x)Wallet v3.0 will be launched very soon, expected in early May 2023. There will be many changes and new features in the wallet app. More details and screenshots will be added to this thread and Twitter in the upcoming days, so all users can be aware of the changes.

Major Updates:

  1. Navigation Bar
    a) Changes on the top and bottom navigation bars

  2. Wallet Management
    a) My Wallet page
    b) Multiple wallet management
    c) Wallet customization
    d) NFT Gallery

  3. Send Token page

  4. f(x)Dapp Center
    Users can pin their favorite dapps on the main page (up to 8 dapps).
    Users can browse dapps under each category by swiping on the navigation bar.

  5. Solana blockchain and dapp support

  6. f(x)Dapps categorization

  7. New notification types
    a) Maintenance Notification
    b) Sponsored Notification

  8. Others
    Import memory phrases.

We will conduct public testing, stay tuned for the date.


v3.0 is a massive face lift, looking forward and we need your comments.


Halo fx dapp need connect to fx wallet
Not to metamask wallet

Hey Ivan, if you select “MetaMask”, it will still connect to your f(x)Wallet.

Great!) Looking forward to!!!

What about xwallet? Can we port it? I have a lot of tokens there

Finally support for blockchain Solana. It’s very good!

I was looking at a list on Binance the other day & it was about scam coins created on the BSC network & the list was large & ridiculous to me; scared me towards tokens on BSC; I was having the thoughts of a similar list for FX wallet, as a handy guide for would be Crypto buyers as it would be an asset to all users.
Only it would be far simpler to have a list of real crypto solid products proven to be around for more then 1 market cycle, generally as a guide I didn’t touch projects not on CMC; so far I’ve only broken my rule once & the jury is still out if this was a bad choice, My point is if our eco system has a trusted fair guide of projects that have some kind of merit system not only will people look to our ecosystem for this guidance Projects themselves will seek to be listed

Food for thought

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I get what you mean.

Previously, Uniswap was also thinking of this.

They issue blue checkmarks on verified tokens, so users will have peace of mind when swapping.

  • I’m not sure the ultimate reason why they removed it, though.

It could be because some projects wanted to have checkmarks too, and the situation was becoming political, which beats the purpose of decentralization, like who deserves them and who does not, even though legitimate projects were applying for them.


also the check mark could become an issue if they indorsed something people got scammed on; which most people believe they are every time their market drops, I think maybe a rating setup 1 * colored star for if they at least listed on CMC gets that first one and only them reasons to get up to 5 stars for long term project with known teams, solid backgrounds, liquidity; a tick tells you nothing and could just give a false sense of security

Yea, it involves too many factors.

  • The responsibility mainly lies with the user, who should double-check if the token contract is the real one or not. But mass adoption won’t happen with this unless risk management is part of their daily education or routine.
  • But I do agree that as the industry matures, builders will also try to make the environment safer for users at the core level.
  • There are tools like HoneyPot Tracker where users can check if the contract is legitimate or not.

It’s multi-dimensional, and it could backfire on the issuer too if given out wrongly, unless it’s through governance but there are like millions of tokens being created every year.

yes I agree but creating a scam list maybe far more greater work, & a trusted network should have either or; such a “guidance” list

Usually a scam list is made by the community, as it is more efficient to direct the team’s resources into developing, collaborating, and partnering with other like-minded builders.

  • It also really depends on the phase or stage of the project.

Since we are still considered relatively young, it would be better to concentrate the workforce on building rather than making a list. - Just my personal opinion, not the team’s.

I do agree with you, although I think that’s for a later stage as we only have a few tokens at the moment.

certain features built in early can reduce work later, simply doing this for projects only in our ecosystem for starters sets up for a future reference, people like features that stick and bond with them as their experience grows, maybe it can have a system where the project can add them to a list and only delegators of wallets of a certain age & size can blockchain vote each star merit type with a seeable vote count of the star, with an addition of a Bad experience Star - not related to market values

Let’s see what cool feature we are getting first :smiling_face:

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I love the old one

This better
Elegant wallet
And easy search each chain network
I suggest fx wallet have option to choose ui wallet for user they like

Just thought of a new idea, I seen a post with a busker & thought poor fellow is going to have a hard time getting people to drop tip in his instrument case with Crypto coming in, so was thinking I know you could put a QR code up for people to scan, but people like the drop & run tip & 1 QR relates to 1 token, so we need something smart to scan so you could crypto gift anything - scan walk off and slip them anything. becoming a known tip jar within the wallet app brings us another reason to be popular


Installed WanWallet yesterday.
The wallet has a “hide assets” feature! I hope the same feature will be available in the new version of f(x)Wallet! :pray::wink::heart:

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Hi Guys;

Ive had two NFTs appear in my polygon assets;

Obviously dubious when this happens but cant seem to delete these? Any ideas ??