f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (App crashes after update to version 1.7.0)

Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple): Android
Phone language: Dutch
Phone resolution:

After update to 1.7.0 the f(x)wallet app won’t open anymore, keep crashing.
Reboot phone several times and cleared history.
But that didn’t solve the problem.

Edit: Samsung A51

Uninstalled the app, rebooted phone, reinstalled app, imported with seed phrase…and it works again! All funds save, all delegations there, staking there, so happy again :grin:. Only thing i had to do is add BTC again as asset. And after 2 second my btc was also back. So thanks a lot for the workaround, it works perfectly.

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I have followed all the steps and the update does not open.

Same here, the app is not getting opened

Mm ok?
Hope someone from staff can reach out and help.

It worked just fine for me on Samsung A51
Don’t know if phone type has anything to do with it?

Hope you written down the 24 seed words.
And am sure team is working on solution

Maybe try one more time.
If i am not mistaken the playstore update is updated in meantime.

Solved. Version 1.7.1 works without problems.

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It seems google has introduced a new .aab packaging method to replace the .apk method. We’ve fixed it for now in the 1.7.1 version with hopes to fix other small bugs in the coming week/weeks.

Updated my fx wallet and when I go to open the app it won’t open and this comes up telling me to clear my history. Is it safe to clear my history?
Phone OS (Android or iOS - Apple):
Phone language:
Phone resolution:

I clicked clear immediately and it then worked but I had to enter my 24 word phrase. A great reminder to all to have your 24 word phrases stored securely

@Tomk I’ve merged your thread with this one as they’re both related to the same bug. We have currently fixed this bug and you will need to update your wallet to the 1.7.1 version.

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It worked now for Huawei Y9 phone but the unclaimed fx staking reward has disappeared…

In my devices I uninstalled, shut down device, rebooted, reloaded app shut down device and rebooted then restored my wallet, resolved all issue’s, Programs sometimes hold on to random info so do your devices the reboots are to flush those; you will find it is nothing to do with the update it self, It’s a process you should do anyway in my book, I used machine computers in the 80’s had a main computer and a machine computer that use to get data crossed between them and the only fix was to reboot every thing even the reboot order mattered.