Function X Ecosystem to Receive Second Exclusive Airdrop in Collaboration with Projects Listing on MarginX

ALO, MXAlliance!

Following the success of the first airdrop, we are excited to announce our second exclusive airdrop for token holders of Function X ecosystem in collaboration with projects listed on MarginX.

This event will feature two memecoin tokens with a total of 20% of their minted supply set aside for this rewarding opportunity.

For those bursting with ideas but lacking in technical expertise, this is your chance to bring your vision to life. Submit your request, and third-party smart contract developers will review the potential of assisting in your token’s creation.

Tell us your ideas today!

Thank you for your support and help promoting MarginX!


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Clarification on Airdrop Prioritization at MarginX

We want to clarify why airdrops to liquidity providers are not our current focus at MarginX.

Typically, liquidity providers are projects or market makers who supply their own liquidity. They earn rewards through spreads and by filling orders on both the buy and sell sides. Most retail investors, especially those with medium to small portfolio sizes, tend to avoid parking their assets in liquidity pools due to concerns over impermanent losses and the high expectations of substantial returns (10x - 100x).

Our airdrop strategy is designed to promote widespread adoption, targeting as many individual wallet addresses as possible. This approach serves as an effective marketing tool in the competitive and noisy crypto space, aiming to reach retail players who are active traders and contribute to building network effects.

Currently, distinguishing between retail player wallets and market maker wallets is challenging. Without an effective solution, a disproportionate share of airdrops could end up with the largest liquidity providers, which contradicts our goal of democratizing benefits across a broader user base.

MarginX does not own the projects participating in these airdrops. We can only advise these projects on the best strategies to spread their airdrops far and wide, based on our experience from past campaigns. Ultimately, the projects themselves decide their airdrop strategies; MarginX assists only in distribution accordingly.

At MarginX, we embrace a vision inspired by Satoshi: “Banking is essential for every person, and banks are not necessary.” We are committed to reaching a diverse array of retail players rather than concentrating benefits in the hands of a few.

Operating an exchange involves significant running costs, including server maintenance and more. Thus, engaging more retail players is crucial for our sustainability. We run a business, not a charity, and while no business can please everyone, we choose strategies that we believe are the best way forward for our platform and community.

Continual Improvement and Gratitude

We will keep tweaking our criteria as this is not set in stone. With each airdrop, we will evaluate the outcome and make improvements to meet our goals. Thank you for your continuous support. We value your involvement and feedback as we strive to enhance our strategies and better serve our community.


Airdrop Token Update

Token Amount: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) each tokens
Total Address: 2464 Recipients
Distribution Date: 15 May 2024

Bonsai (BNSI)
Contract address:

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Transaction Details:

Kanasai (KNS)

Contract address:

View on Starscan:

Trade on MarginX

Transaction Details: