Funtion X youtube presence kickstart Proposal

1. Number of $FX requested (incubator fund) : 100,000 FX

2. Proposal belongs to which segments: Consumer

3. Incubator fund distribution timeframe and milestones:

25% (25,000fx) Start fund

25% (25,000fx) 50 videos uploaded

25% (25,000fx) 100 videos uploaded

25% (25,000fx) 150 videos uploaded

4. Description of the proposal, including the name of the proposal, mechanics of the proposal, benefits to the Function X ecosystem, team introduction, etc.

Function X YouTube presence kick start

Goal of the Channel: Raise awareness of Function X and Pundi X, and related topics, supply tutorials and news updates and boost the number of users.

Goal of the fund’s proposal: To kickstart the financial position of the channel allowing for:

  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Licencing of music/visuals (think intro and outros)
  • Advertising of the channel (mainly Ad-sense on YouTube and reddit)
  • Promotions (think give-aways)
  • Compensation for worked time.

The channel will create videos covering:

  • News and publications on Function X & Pundi X
  • Tutorials on Function X and Pundi X software and hardware
  • ‘’What is…’’ information of Function X, Pundi X and anything launched on the blockchain
  • Regular give-aways of $fx (to boost adoption)
  • Knowledge about money and investing

Who am I?

Within the community in known as Richy crypto or Richyshadowlux. You can find me as Pundi X reddit mod and Function X Unofficial market chat admin and work the Richycrypto youtube channel.

I Have a college degree in event technics, theatre and movie production, a Bachelor’s degree in international business and a Master’s degree in science of business on top of multiple internships and owned and ran multiple one-man enterprises.

5. Reasons the project should be selected and supported and competitive analysis:

At this time there are no YouTube channels that cover Pundi X and Function X in any meaningful way other than a short TA analysis, excluding the official channels. By starting this channel Function X and Pundi X can reach the large crypto community residing on YouTube. This channel both focuses on promoting and informing about Function X and Pundi X.

6. Attachments, such as GitHub link, product prototype, video, planning, blueprint, twitter etc.

Exchange link:
Some of the video I have created recently:
Fx Hashout - Defi Marketing - Function X / PundiX ep.2 - YouTube (hash out reading)
Function X Tutorial - F(x) Wallet: How to Delegate on the Function X blockchain - YouTube (tutorial)
The telegram link if you feel like joining us in the market chat Telegram: Contact @FunctionXmarket

My newcomers guide to Pundi X:

7. Any extra information that might help the community to understand the proposal better

The channel currently is a 0-budget operation, with he funding I will be able to professionalize the channel and thus the content and spread it faster around the internet. I am currently researching on how to improve my content and hope that the fund can help kickstart it.

The regular giveaways are to both spread knowledge of fx and FX itself, speeding up the adoption.

Do not delete this part
Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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I think promotional XPOS machines for such a purpose would be a great endeavor. When events like PAX & other gaming conventions kick back up again there could be opportunities for content creators to showcase the power of the XPOS in that type of setting.

Other thoughts include taking the XPOS and giving many more live demonstrations at things like farmers markets, flea markets, and other micro retail environments where we would compete with things like Square & cashapp.

There is a lack of current physical product demonstrations of the XPOS technology and I see many people on twitter fudding asking for proof that it works and is being used.


If you can do promotion videos like these → Pundi X in coffee shop - YouTube

It would be great. Showcase utility in a real life scenario.


Would be intresting, I think i remember that there are a few machines in the NL, I could check that out in a video.

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Would be interesting to do an unboxing video and follow that up with installation tutorials

  • Unboxing

  • Festival Demo & Sales demonstrations (maybe work with your local XPOS distributor?)

  • Collab efforts with other youtubers & bloggers

What else?

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Content wise I think that is pretty wide, don’t think I should be adding anymore different things


Great start.

Hopefully music festivals begin happening again. We already have pedigree in the XPOS being used in such a event and would be a great way to keep the ball rolling.


Looks like enough matters to start with. Sounds amazing.

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Are you looking for contributions??

your a solid supporter of PUNDI so I like your proposal, if your going to claim funds from here then a percentage given away to promote followers to you I think is a must as giving you funds for this is pointless if you chat increase you viewer base, I suggest the first give away be sizable. and if your claiming funds for this I would like you to be Exclusive to Pundi Projects and direct connections, I don’t mind a little speculation press but only run with rumors that are likely to be true, rumors can be good for value and we need at least one for each video.

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No from me
To much fx coin for just your youtube video with less subscriber and view
You can make youtube video for free if you support pundix and fx coin
Why you need fund?

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Thank you for your feedback, I am currently looking into how to approach the giveaways, I both want it to be impact full to attract interest and generate new holders, though I need to keep in mind that the first few could have a small number of people to give to, and in later stages the vale of the coin. So I’m looking for the middle ground for that. I will be adding number on that soon. :+1:

I cover Function X and Pundi X news and tutorials as main driver of the channel (like I am doing now already), all the other types of videos are mainly to attract new viewers that are not yet looking for this sort of news cause they don’t know the project yet. The idea is that the channel captures the YouTube audience and get them interested in fx/px, the number of subscriber would just be a measure of how many I managed to get interested.

This is literally my channel banner, and I will keep exclusively covering function X, Pundi X and any thing related to the Function X chain. I will update the draft to better reflect that :+1:

In what sense? I am trying to see if the community support the idea and hope to get the chance to do this.

Fair enough, yes I make my videos for free right now. Please do understand (and anyone else) that (youtube)video production is not free.
Right now I sacrifice my time, which I also could have used to work a part-time job.

I apply for the fund so I can professionalize the channel, improve its quality, create time to work on the videos, and have funds to support give-aways and a bit of advertising of the channel along with paying company related costs like taxes and the required yearly auditing.
The money is needed to buy needed equipment (mic, filter-cap, video editing software, audio editing software, licences, company required expenses and importantly, salary to cover the production time.

Please let me know if that cleared things up.

Microsoft office start from garage

You can make video about function x and pundix on youtube with your phone camera

Wish your youtube channel growing :blush:

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My opinion to your initiative is very favorable.
Actually, I think you should work hand-in-hand with the team and elaborate a program of work at start (categories, subjects, etc.)
I even think the 10.000 initial FX should be shared by the community (including me) AND the team.
I’m just scared that the vote conditions (enough voters especially) won’t be met.


  • how does it work ? (Non-custodial…)
  • events
  • progress
  • practical use cases
  • demonstrations
  • tutorials
  • technical analysis
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You are the first and only person to put the effort into growing our brand, (On YouTube with dedicated Videos)

I wouldn’t be able to contribute much (maybe the Value of a few USD a week )

If you did manage to get a Massive follower volume and my investment grew considerably then I would be in a position to offer some more based on growth;

Thats me however and not all would be like that;

As some have suggested I would also expect you to be purely promoting Pundix and FX

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would be unfair to say the first and only person many people like my self have spent the better part of 4 years promoting Pundi, He is the first to ask for a grant to do these things others have done for free, it will be difficult for him to get the votes needed; we will need a good example of this package and refine his delivery skills

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First Youtube Video….

Got some links for me?? Everyone else pushes Multiple coins that I have seen