FX x ZooGames [UPDATED]

Hi Molecule…
That’s a very valid point. But I think you’re omitting CEXes (MEXC, Coinbase, etc).
And it seems to me there’s far more liquidity on those CEXes.

Hello everyone,

This is our concluding proposal.

Firstly, a quick breakdown of our grant request: We’re asking a total of $90k, which encompasses $30k for initial liquidity, $10k for FX rewards for Liquidity Providers, $20k for the beta release of our new game, and $30k for its final release. Now, diving into the details: After reflecting on our initial proposal and the feedback we received, we’ve made necessary adjustments to our approach and budget. It’s crucial to clarify that “Kawaii Chaos” is no longer part of this proposal. Our primary aim remains to harness the full potential of ZooGames on the FXcore platform, but with a more streamlined and community-driven approach.

Here’s our refined proposal, which consolidates our previous ideas and presents a clear roadmap for our vision:

Unified Proposal Overview:

  1. FXgora Launch: FXgora isn’t just a marketplace; it’s the backbone of our ZooGames protocol. It will serve as a vibrant hub for players to trade in-game assets in the form of NFTs.
  2. vZOO Integration and Liquidity: We’re gearing up to integrate vZOO with FX and infuse liquidity into FX-swap. Our plan is to kickstart with $30k of initial liquidity and bolster it with an extra $10k in FX rewards for our liquidity providers.
  3. New Game Development: We’re on track to roll out an engaging 3D mobile game. This game will be packed with features like in-game chips, in-game NFT minting, and cross-collection compatibility. The specifics of the game will be fleshed out in collaboration with the community post proposal approval. We’ve earmarked $20k for the beta version and a subsequent $30k for its final release. Additionally, we commit to maintaining and updating the game for a period of 1 year.

Should the community desire further major features that exceed the original funding, and if the game gains significant popularity, we’re open to crafting a new proposal to accommodate the increased development costs.

Breakdown of Funding Request:

  • Milestone I: Upon FXgora’s debut, we’ll channel the grant to ensure $30k liquidity, making vZOO readily available on FX-swap.
  • Milestone II: To unlock an added $10k in FX for the bonus reward pool on FX-swap, we’re setting a few benchmarks:
    • 20 creators initiating their collection on FXGora.
    • A minimum of 3 collections being cross-chained from other networks to FX.
    • Achieving 5k transactions, encompassing both NFT minting and trading activities.It’s worth noting that while FXgora is laser-focused on gaming, we’re not vying to be the sole marketplace. However, our strategy to utilize wrappedFX will certainly amplify FX’s utility.
  • Milestone III: With the beta launch of our new game, a portion of the $20k will be funneled into vZOO incentives. We have planned a series of airdrops to engage and reward our community. These airdrops will include exclusive in-game assets, NFTs, and other promotional items to boost player engagement and retention. Our marketing strategy will pivot on these airdrops, complemented by other initiatives like giveaways via social network campaigns.
  • Milestone IV: The final game release will see the allocation of the remaining $30k.

We’ll integrate these marketing features during the game’s development phase such:

We’re also going to use vZOO as a reward/incentive to compensate creators and players (of the BETA version). I don’t have a figure in vZOO because it will depend on our means on the day of the release. But the vZOO incentives on our side are not counted in the EGF.

NFT Loot Boxes Airdrop:

  • Early Access Perks: Reward early birds or beta testers with unique NFT loot boxes, ready to be unlocked at game launch.
  • Social Media Hustle: Run contests on platforms like Twitter and Discord. Winners can bag NFT loot boxes by sharing, tagging, or even crafting game-related content.
  • Community Quests: Set in-game or community quests. Completing these can earn players those coveted loot boxes.

In-Game Chips Tokens Airdrop During Beta:

  • Beta Tester Bonanza: All beta testers get in-game chips as a token of appreciation.
  • Engage & Earn: Host live streams or AMAs. Active participants can bag in-game chips.
  • Top the Charts: Have leaderboards during beta. Top players or teams get chips.
  • Feedback Frenzy: Offer chips for game reviews, bug finds, or cool suggestions.
  • Stay, Play, Earn: A loyalty program where game time can translate to chips.

Regarding the metrics @BlueStitch is curious about, they’re largely influenced by ZooGames/FunctionX’s momentum. Since we’re still getting acquainted with the FX community, providing precise numbers is challenging. Our aim is to develop the game in collaboration with the community to ensure it resonates with everyone. As per Indra’s suggestion, the grant will be disbursed once the game is delivered. It’s a win/win deal.

Game Theme/style:
When it comes to the game’s style and theme, we’re looking to dive into discussions with the community to shape the game mechanics together. This method fits our goal of making decisions driven by the community, kind of like a DAO vibe. Personally, I’m leaning towards a multiplayer RPG strategy game or something light-hearted like FallGuys or AmongUs.

We’re thrilled about the path ahead and genuinely value the community’s unwavering support and insights.
We hope to finalize a proposal soon so we can plan our upcoming schedule


Hi @moleculeboost The total EGF is $90k. ~30% will be used as FX liquidity on FX-swap and won’t be sold. The rest will be released gradually, and given FX’s trading volume, it won’t impact the market if we need to sell FX.


Ok. I’m just a bit disappointed that Kawaii Chaos is not part of the equation anymore… Maybe later ?

Absolutely, as mentioned before, the development cost for Kawaii Chaos is significantly higher in terms of both budget and time. Given the current market trend and Indra’s preference not to fund undeveloped apps, we’re treading cautiously.
Our immediate goal is to build trust with the FX foundation and the community. Once that’s established, we can consider seeking a second grant for Kawaii Chaos


what is the problem of not being in the top 50…too low APY to you Delegators or what is the exact reason…i am asking as a Delegator

Hey guys, let’s stay on the topic regarding ZooGames proposal.

To answer your question @Darry, only active validators can earn rewards.

Agree : @11110, @ByteXSylvia or @Darry , I created a new topic if you wanna discuss the active validator set issues… → HERE


When can we put this forward lets get some movement. A day in crypto is a month in real life :rofl:

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Now that proposal #40 passed, I’d be eager to get @indra and others’ positions on that new proposal…

@John_Blair , we like to take some time in FunctionX community and work things out insted of driving full speedyand hitting a wall.

Any way, i’ll be supporting this proposal. Zoogames already convinced me with zooracer, the poker game and the telegram quizz game.


Howdy, this proposal is not clear. What kind of game does this team want to build & how can they invite users to come to FX?

I will vote yes for the team’s track record and NO for the proposal unless they provide more information and clear plans.

The plan is crystal clear, and the game’s theme will likely be strategy-based. Everything has been discussed in this thread and is detailed as thoroughly as possible. I find your post really frustrating.
Everything is clearly explained just a few posts above. If you choose to vote ‘NO’, that’s your decision, but we won’t be changing our stance as we’ve already offered our best.


Hi @moleculeboost, @Genshimaro !

@moleculeboost : long discussions happened in this thread, and we can’t say the proposal is not clear. There are still uncertainties, but which are not tied to ZooGames but to the market, to the future users, etc. From what I see, there is a lot of activity in ZooGames TGs, even more than in FunctionX TGs.

@Genshimaro : you still have FrenchXCore support, and I hope @indra will give us some insight as well…



Howdy! I’m referring to strategies for increasing user participation, which is essential to the game’s success. There were no other players in the game after a 10-minute wait when I tried zooracer on my macbook. The fact that function x wants more users from zoogames and zoogames wants more users from function x will be a problem in this situation. It might end up being another foxchange, where after receiving grants they keep whining about the user base.

It’s a good idea, but the timing is off with this one. The situation will change if function x can increase usage during the next six to twelve months.

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We’ve clearly outlined our strategy to attract more users to FX. We’re introducing a complete gaming ecosystem, which isn’t the same as what Foxgaming is doing.

Also, check out our marketing strategy focused on airdrops and giveaways. If you have doubts, know that this is our main tactic to drive engagement to the FX chains, along with the FXgora NFT marketplace and other vZOO incentives we’ve mentioned in this thread.

Regarding Zooracers, it’s still in Beta – feel free to join our community for a game session. :wink:


i will support your proposal


Howdy! Who are your target recipients for airdrops and giveaways? The current fx community is relatively small, and I am interested in who your target audience is. Perhaps it would be beneficial if you could share the numbers of your present players as well as a solid way to bring them to fx.

Blockchain games are not sustainable in larger chains, and it will struggle to give an impact on a small and growing chain like fx. This idea is too early, it will not benefit this chain at this stage.

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In the latter half of your comment you said small chains cant support it and big chains cant sustain it.

Do you believe blockchain gaming will work at all? There isnt much wiggle room in your juxtapositions.

I cant soeak for the team but i would assume the target audience is outaide of the current userbase.

Zooracera did a incentive campaign but very very little marketing around it, ans i believe they had like 450 unqiue users over a 2 week period. This was many many months ago, possibly even 2022.

People love incentives, people will come. The issue is keeping them. That comes from community, persistent incentives (both crypto and ingame progress), and marketing - ofcourse.

I believe the team has covered all that.

Not sure about fox gaming nft marketplace, but zoo has alot of things already built ans also has a dedicated userbase :heart:


Actually, regarding blockchain gaming, you need to have a look at ZooGames protocol and what makes it interesting from a blockchain perspective. It’s like a layer 2 protocol that avoids all the hassle of signing transactions…
Then, I’d say that growing the userbase is a long-term effort. What’s sure is you have to implement early if you want to grow long-term.
That’s why I’m eager to see the FXgora implemented and to see a first game running…
Maybe one day, they’ll run the ZooGames protocol directly onchain using a subnet…


And 1 last thing I wanted to say : whether you vote YES, NO, NO WITH VETO or even ABSTAIN, the most important thing from a DAO governance perspective is TO VOTE !
But for now, the proposal’s not on the table yet… Still waiting from some input from team members…
The EGF council (@kenorb , @zaccheah , @Richard and myself) didn’t even discuss it yet : cf. here