Great Content, Let's Reach More Audience

Lately, FunctionX, PundiX & especially MarginX twitter has been posting great content. We are not doing justice by keeping our audience reach limited to our followers on Twitter.

We can grow our community significantly, if we start doing paid promotion on social media to boost audience reach on these great posts. This will help us boost our organic growth.

Here is a quick summary of what I have in mind:
-Around $2000 per month budget (use funds from CSP or EGF)
-Monthly KPI reporting (audience reach, budget spent, increase in followers etc.)
-Keep repeating until we hit our target for followers/audience on social media

  1. Ideally, FunctionX marketing team should be running this
  2. If team has other priorities, someone with passion for marketing can submit it as a proposal
  3. If no volunteers, I am willing to take it upon myself & will submit a proposal if community sees it as beneficial!

What does X Family thinks of this? If this gets submitted as a proposal, will community support?

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I want to help promote

Please do make a proposal for marketing and let me join your team

If it gets submitted I will 100% support it. We need that growth and someone capable to do that has my vote (since I’ve been a very long time advocate of this), I can go off on a long one here, but I think in short, with the pending product/s launch and recent upgrades, I think it’s high time we have something going.

I know you know, and We need to capture the existing crypto folks and the new, ranging from the 1st of June onwards.

What $FX $MX $PXCARD $PUNDIX has is much more than what other projects actually have (tangible products, and stores).

Honestly I have no idea why this push wasn’t happening a few months back to build that Army and get going (as advised). And now with China/Hong Kong entering it might be the perfect window to do something, even though meme green candles I predict will capture more attentions and leading projects with market whales/manipulations… Regardless, we still need to build quickly this army and start again kinda.

I don’t know if the team have any of their own plans here… But something needs to happen to get FX/mx/px awareness & it’s products capabilities more out there to the people’s mind and knowledge.

When you have an army and volume exchanges listen and move things much faster.

Recently I’ve entered another project solely to get followers and our products reach over to them. I do have their attentions and one more move I have to present to them. This is all in the hopes that we can expand and collab with other groups or projects.

Side note; One thing I must add is the lack of distributors we have, which is the thorn here because the process it takes to legally to be compliant. Maybe marketing to countries where masters are already established could be another focused angle, eg Turkey, but Hakan may have his plans…

Apart from the side note, I think from social medias point of view only, and to capture a bigger user base, I am in support of it because something needs to happen and the Community’s need to rally behind the products, and in a more organised approaches.

The overall Community’s hardwork and that hype needs to return with enthusiasms imo with major products to back it up with. It’s win win… Or am I missing something here that is in pipeline with the team’s?

Spam bots need to be added in tg groups and antispam filters to reduce spam, deleted accounts etc etc. The PX group looked too botted up seeing this after a while the other day visit.

Anyways I will support, always, what ever is best or good for the entire Eco.

Please share more views here everyone, let’s actually talk and diccuss.



I would vote YES, it’s time, it’s necessary!


Sharing based on experience with MarginX…

This is not going to happen, as Social Media platform will not allow paid promotions on financial and crypto related products. Tried and tested - and possible account ban risk is there.

The only possible outreach is for community to retweet, comment and share posts with other projects/communities.

As @Superbit123 suggested … “Build An Army” … Yes! This definitely works and MarginX is still trying out with different content format to create greater awareness in this noisy social media space.



Orbitant " sharing bases on experience with MarginX"

Could you also share if those games of marginx bring in new members (customers or whatever you could call them)?
Just wondering because Marginx way of advertising intrigues me, and maybe is also the way forward for FX and pundix.


I believe we can still build this army. We all have to retweet comment and posts about Fx/Marginx/Pundix. I have the feeling that im already spamming twitter. :sweat_smile:

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Because you don’t know how to payed promote work🥲
I suggest you to pay andy youtuber but you reject it

He have community in telegram and their community maybe small but have strong bond

Retweet gain with just 0.5 $
That not bot, but retweet army

Build community, join their community

give gifts of little value but for many people
10$ for 100 people etc


Sure… long post below :slight_smile:

At MarginX, we have been actively exploring various avenues to raise awareness about our platform, taking unconventional routes along the way.

During the initial stages, we collaborated not less than 25 prominent YouTubers from different countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, Italy, India, Russia, Greece, and more. However, we quickly realized that simply having YouTubers endorse our project is no longer as effective as it used to be. As a result, we decided to allocate our resources more wisely instead of hoping for immediate conversions.

We have experimented with different strategies, including marketing on platforms like Telegram, Discords, and Twitter through Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). However, it’s important to note that our primary goal with these campaigns is to raise awareness rather than achieving a high conversion rate. We understand that throwing money at marketing initiatives is not a guaranteed solution, but each campaign serves its own purpose.

For MarginX, our objective is to generate awareness and reach out to various communities to make them aware of the availability of MarginX. It’s important to manage expectations as immediate conversion may not always occur. Humans tend to stick with what they are comfortable with until a negative event occurs, prompting them to consider alternatives.

We maintain a flexible marketing approach and are open to trying new techniques and strategies in our efforts to raise awareness. Our recent foray into Twitter Spaces allows us to engage with projects and their communities, although we understand that immediate conversions may not be the outcome.

What may be effective today may not necessarily work in the future, which is why we strive to constantly evolve and embrace new ideas to create awareness, rather than focusing solely on conversion.

IMHO, Function X and Pundi X have done an excellent job of keeping the communities informed while also raising awareness outside of their immediate circles. MarginX has taken inspiration from their approach, particularly in collaborating with different projects through Twitter Spaces.

While we all hope to see Function X and Pundi X achieve great success and make a significant impact, it’s important to acknowledge that the cryptocurrency space tends to gravitate towards new and hyped projects. This creates a lot of noise and makes it challenging to differentiate between legitimate products and mere hype.

To truly make a significant impact and generate widespread awareness, we need a collective effort akin to an army, triggering a domino effect that can go viral. Engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or agencies may not be as effective as they often require more time to understand the product and may not be as familiar with the community itself.

Instead of solely investing in these services, I believe a more effective approach is to reward and empower the community through word-of-mouth marketing, which is inherently stronger and more impactful. By nurturing a community that passionately advocates for the project, we can create a ripple effect that spreads awareness organically and incentivizes greater participation.

Let’s continue our journey and strive to make each experience better than the previous one. Together, we can continuously improve and enhance our efforts to create positive and meaningful experiences.


Good initiative - I’ll support! Submitting a proposal to grow more awareness thru rewarding word of mouth from our community.

Here’s an excellent example of not just hyping next shiny object; but a good writeup on Function X and Cosmos Network (trojan method to reach out to other side of the pond).

Good job folks!

Did a quick search and came across some excellent content that has been posted. It seems that we have a good amount of quality content available. However, what we might be lacking is a strong community that can actively share this content outside of our existing ecosystem.

Building a dedicated army of supporters who are passionate about our platform and willing to spread the word beyond our immediate reach could significantly enhance our overall visibility and reach.

Let’s focus on nurturing and expanding our community to create a powerful network of advocates who can amplify our message and attract new users.


Fx need one by one/person to person marketing and build community with it

Hello to all X Friends! Fully agree with the above thoughts! I want to emphasize the importance of this topic! On my own behalf and on behalf of the “FX FriendsX” validator, I would like to add the following! That the issue of product awareness, building a strong, large community is paramount! And here we need concrete actions, a strategy!
It also depends on each of us. I believe that our current community can be more active! Because it makes me sad sometimes when good content comes out on YouTube, tik tok (p(x)Card , MarginX). And the activity is minimal. But the backbone of the community even now is larger than it might seem when you look at the activity under the content! There is a video on YouTube that gets less than 10 views, and 1, 2 likes each. And at this moment I understand that from these statistics these 2 likes belong to me!))) Our community should already have a rule to support content, be sure to subscribe, share with friends, set reminders and create activity! And then if we are members of the community do not do this, then why should an outsider member of the crypto community do it?)))


Creating a chain effect advertising(I would avoid the term army. It is better to take chain advertising) to mobilize and engage a large community to advertise a product can be achieved through various strategies. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  1. Compelling Product: Start with a high-quality product or service that offers unique value or solves a problem for the target audience. A remarkable product is more likely to generate enthusiasm and word-of-mouth recommendations.
    We have: PUNDIX XPOS XPASS, FunctionX f(x)Wallet p(x)Card,
    MarginX DEX and some Games.

It is now important to determine exactly what we want to promote from the products.

  1. Identify Brand Advocates: Identify and nurture individuals within your community who are already enthusiastic about your product or brand. These brand advocates can become powerful promoters and help spread the word.
  2. Incentivize Referrals: Develop a referral program that rewards customers for referring others. Offer incentives such as discounts, exclusive access, or even monetary rewards for successful referrals. This encourages customers to actively share their positive experiences.

So it would be interesting if we do a separate application process or if we select people based on their activity?

  1. Engage on Social Media: Leverage social media platforms to engage with your community. Encourage users to share their experiences, tag friends, and use relevant hashtags. Regularly feature user-generated content to highlight your community’s involvement and showcase the benefits of your product.

First we need to take stock and see which social networks are currently being used by most of The Pundix FunctionX MarginX users.

  1. User-Generated Content Contests: Host contests or challenges that encourage your community to create and share content related to your product. This could include photos, videos, testimonials, or creative interpretations. Offer prizes or recognition for the best submissions, further motivating participation.

Fxdm is nice but I still find it too complicated. Precisely because every amount has to be submitted first. It would be better to see which posts really get a lot of attention and reward the posts.

  1. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with relevant influencers or thought leaders in your industry who align with your brand values. These influencers can help introduce your product to their audience and leverage their reach and credibility to amplify your message.

First, we need a list of influencers with a wide reach and a certain level of knowledge. Who is very successful in the crypto world, what kind of users are the influencers watching. What successes can he show?

  1. Community Events and Meetups: Organize events or meetups that bring your community together. This provides an opportunity for members to interact, share experiences, and create a sense of belonging. Word-of-mouth recommendations are more likely to happen when individuals feel connected to a community.

What community events and meetups are coming and what would they bring us? Where are community events and meetups to sign up for ahead of time? we need a light calendar maybe even that we show in f(x)Wallet upcoming community events and meetups.

  1. Referral Codes or Links: Provide each customer with a unique referral code or link that they can share with their network. This makes it easy to track and reward successful referrals, while also making it simple for new customers to join the chain.

MarginX has referral links. How can we enable this for Xpos and FunctionX.

  1. Gamification: Add a gamified element to the referral process. Create leaderboards, badges, or points systems that reward customers for their referral efforts. This adds a competitive element and encourages participants to strive for recognition and rewards.

An old well-known system, especially in the gaming area. Who doesn’t want to be at the top of the high score?

  1. Continuous Engagement: Maintain an ongoing relationship with your community. Regularly provide valuable content, updates, and personalized offers to keep them engaged and motivated to share. Show appreciation for their support and acknowledge their contributions.

I mean we are already very good there by rewetting PUNDIX FunctionX and MarginX on Twitter.
Maybe it would also be good if the posts were also shared on other social media. For example, a ReTweet from Twitter will also be shared on Facebook and Reddit

To create a successful chain effect advertising, we need to build trust, provide exceptional experiences, and foster a sense of community. By combining these strategies and tailoring them to your specific product and audience, we can build a powerful network of advocates actively promoting your product.

Just my opinion on advertising in our area.
Best Regards


I also want to encourage members of our community to support each other! First of all, we should follow each other on twitter! Repost each other’s posts! And this must be done systematically! I believe that we will succeed!)
I’m sorry)))
Here’s an example! It was BitcoinPizzaDay, and almost no one supported our initiative! Although I think it’s fun and useful! By the way @ByteXSylvia respect You! And yes, 50 FX are yours!) Waiting for the address)

Track from MarginX HIT THE DEX - it’s cool! But no one supported our initiative either. Not even everyone probably supported with a like or a repost!)

So friends, let’s get active! We can do more! Let’s support each other! All the more support initiatives! It’s motivating! And it helps to stay positive! Let’s keep sharing!


WOW! This is cool! Didn’t know this one… I’ve downloaded the MV and reposted on MarginX! Nice job!


Maybe nice one to follow :point_up:
Great camera hacks for making fun and (semi) professional short videos worth phone camera.