How to develop our block explorer (upcoming)

Hi all,

What is a good name for ? Ethereum’s explorer is etherscan, Avalanche has snowtrace.

A new brandname for our block explorer service. The block explorer will encompass blocks and info from fxcore, marginx (fxdex) pundixchain and future sidechains that is built with FunctionX.

Naming criteria:

  • domain SHOULD NOT be taken (please check)
  • preferably .com or .io
  • preferably ends with “scan” in tradition with etherscan
  • easy for native and non native speakers

Please help, thanks!

It’s not taken

Relatable and easy

Keep it simple. Fxscan.

Or coreXplore

1 Like doesn’t seem to be taken. Short & sweet - linked with FX too.

3 Likes 1 Xer could be like 1 Gewi

will join to give suggestion as well. or

As it is would provide information on multiple chains, we can go for accounting terms that reflects the use of the explorer. (available for $5,500) (would go well with the domain)

Also, a 4 letter domain could be (short for Function X Transactions)

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Yes this i think the same :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:
do you have a spy software in my head?
best regards


Ser, my suggestions are


Fxscan is simple and nice. is the most simple option.

We could also do:

I suggest we leave it as
Or since we are mostly about the X in most of our projects, we could use

True, is the most simple option. Its self-explanatory. Also I like xcore and xcored as it can also be pronounced as score and scored respectively.

I guess its about naming the explorer with something unique.

Here are other suggestions: (Similar to BlokonBlok, as this is explorer I don’t think the domain name size would matter as much) (Since it will encompass everything related to FX chain) is also available

One name that seems very catchy for the explorer and is similar to how Avalanche named SnowTrace (As snow and avalanche are related) is

IOLogic is premium (preferred) is available

Liking this two best so far.

Note: only suggest available non premium domain name!


The are both very nice.

Just to confirm, do you mean blokscan or blockscan.

Also, seems to be focussed solely on eth addresses. Might create confusion down the road.

I think there is a coin named $blok already

blokscan sounds weird actually :joy:

The word “Blok” doesn’t look nice. It reminds me of the word goblok… :joy:

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Was wandering what the word blok actually meant. I thought blok refers to block.

Fxtrace is a nice one as well. Also with .com availability

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