Important Update: MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program - Claim Your Unclaimed $FX Rewards Now!

ALO, MXAlliance!

As we eagerly anticipate the launch of MarginX 2.0 ALO, we would like to inform you about some crucial updates regarding the MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program and the transition from MarginX 1.0.

Termination of MarginX 1.0 and 100-Day Incentive Program

Please note that with the upcoming launch of MarginX 2.0 ALO, we will be terminating the services for MarginX 1.0, including the MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program. We encourage all users who have yet to claim their $FX Rewards to do so promptly to ensure a smooth transition.

Available Withdrawal Methods for $FX Rewards

To facilitate this process, we are providing two methods for withdrawing your unclaimed $FX Rewards:

Method 1: Quick & Easy (Before 25 January 2024)

  • Automated 1-Click Withdrawal:
    • Visit [] for an automated, one-click withdrawal process.
    • Important: This site will be terminated on 25 January 2024. Please claim your rewards before this date to avoid any complications.

Method 2: Manual Withdrawal via Starscan (After 25 January 2024 - Until $FX is Fully Distributed)

Act Now to Secure Your Rewards

We urge all users to take immediate action to claim their $FX Rewards using the method that best suits their needs.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to embarking on this new journey with MarginX 2.0 ALO together.

Best Regards,
MarginX Team

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Official Announcement: Final Notice - Termination of MarginX 1.0 and 100-Day Incentive Program

ALO MXAlliance!

As we approach a significant milestone in our journey, we wish to bring to your attention some critical updates and final reminders regarding the termination of MarginX 1.0 and the successful conclusion of our “MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program”.

1. Completion of $FX Airdrop Distribution:
We are pleased to announce the complete distribution of $FX tokens via Airdrop to all participating users of the “MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program” who had not yet claimed their $FX Rewards. This marks the fulfillment of our commitment to reward our early supporters and active participants.

2. Public Announcement of Wallet Addresses and Distribution Details:
To maintain transparency, we have published a detailed announcement listing all wallet addresses along with the corresponding $FX amounts distributed. This list (bottom of this post) also includes unclaimed $FX rewards, ensuring clarity and openness in our process.

3. Discontinuation of MarginX v1 Mainnet:
Please be reminded that MarginX v1 Mainnet will be discontinued on 19 January 2024. This strategic move paves the way for the introduction of our advanced and more robust MarginX 2.0 ALO.

4. Urgent Reminder for USDT / FX Transfer:
We urge all users to transfer their USDT / FX holdings from the MarginX blockchain to FXCore within the f(x)Wallet as soon as possible. Be aware that any tokens not transferred before the shutdown of the chain will be locked and inaccessible post-19 January 2024.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout the life cycle of MarginX 1.0. Your participation and feedback have been invaluable in shaping the evolution of our platform.

As we bid farewell to MarginX 1.0, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead with MarginX 2.0 ALO. We are committed to bringing you a more sophisticated, secure, and user-friendly blockchain experience.

Stay connected with us for further updates and embark on this new chapter together.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Best Regards,
MarginX Team

Distribution of Unclaimed $FX Rewards for “MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program”


Thanks for alert orbitant. :wink::+1:

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Im trying to connect using wallet connect, but it doesn’t even load for me. When i scan the QR code it just does nothing. Does anyone else have this problem?

If you’re trying to claim $fx rewards, you don’t have to; as we have distributed all unclaimed rewards to their respective wallets.


Can someone ban this guy ?

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Did they go to the FXcore wallet or will they land in the MarginX wallets, cheers

tried to do a claim and was getting an error before seeing this post, I had a look
and had trouble seeing any there, not fussed about it just though i would give some feed back

All transferred to FXCore inside f(x)Wallet. No actions required for all users.