Incentives for Liquidity Provider on FXSwap

Yes Baklava Space will be exploring the liquidation mechanism in phase 2. Kujira is one of projects that we will be looking at.


do you think we could have a section where all the “how to do it links” can be found, I have not been paying full attention & now I want to add Liquidity to FX swap I can’t find the info i need, I typed in Youtube search and found nothing, but all our “how to relative info Links” for everything it would be nice to have a link page that could be triggered by the search on the forum at least.

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In October 2022, the foundation proposed 5m $FX to incentivize liquidity providers on FXSwap.

We have since passed the proposal and deployed 3m $FX into the incentive contract. The remaining 2m $FX will also be deployed at a not-to-distant date.

83,092 FX to address then to contract
356,910 WFX to contract
2,560,000 WFX to contract

On a separate note, we are discussing how to make a growing FXSwap even better, with potentially more pairs, liquidity and visibility. Margin X team might lend a hand in FXSwap’s coming out party! so to speak :slight_smile:


Just throwing an idea:
Fx/Pundix are both small cap companies in crypto space. We need to onboard new investors to growth the TVL to get trustful for everyone including big whales. Actually for big players we are way too small in tvl.

A problem from my view is that we lack on demand and offer. We have only few pools in fxswap and all pairs are connected to Fx. To onboard new user we need to increase the amount of pools in three category.

low risk pool with small apr:
stable pools (USDC/USDT/DAI…)

mid risk pool with mid apr:
top10 coins (Sol/Fx Matic/Fx Dot/Fx…)

High risk pool with high apr:
I think we have enough pairs with high apr on fxswap :slight_smile:

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the question is how to make it