Installed f(x)Wallet on a new Mobile Phone and now no PundiX!


So, my old mobile phone just “died”… i bought a new one anda installed f(x)Wallet app. Import existing account, just insert the mnemonic 12 words seed phrase, but then just ask me for a name try to put @tiagoferro, but it was already taken(for me i think in the old mobile) then i choosed @tiagoferro08.
What happens is that i had PundiX on Stake and know i don´t have none! Strange is that a new ETH adress has been created, is suppposed to be like this? I can see in EtherScan that that´s not my old ETH adress on f(x)Wallet…don’t know what to do!! Any help?

Thank you!

I remember someone had a similar problem with this also. @eduardstal But it was solved, i can’t remember which article it is.

Try adding the token symbol or search for the address.

have you tried to add wallet to f(x) Wallet, and add your previous address?