Issue don't receive entire rewards

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I have a question regarding my recent transaction on

I didn’t receive my entire rewards for this transaction. Could someone kindly explain why this might have happened?

Here is the link to the transaction:

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I’ve received this private message, of course is not legit right ?

Hey @sinainthecity, I have forwarded your issue. I will update you once they get back to me so do not worry!

Admins will never DM you first or ask you to click anything. Stay vigilant!

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Report it so the team can delete them, best way to remove scammers from the system, report ASAP Admin do not DM help

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@sinainthecity , this tx is correct, 1st part of the tx is farm contract mint total PURSE reward token for whole pool, while 2nd part of the tx is to transfer PURSE reward to sender address.

Thank you for your response, and happy to see a scammer erased

Ok for the part of farm, I’m surprised because before the tax was 10%, and now it represents like 66%

But if you say all is fine, It’s ok. Thanks.

Other question please where do we have to vote for the airdrop community between Binance and Upbit, I’m Pundix holder on Pundix chain only.

Thank you.

I had the same problem. I submitted a ticket and am waiting for them to respond. The team has been great with my other tickets.

Do you have the transaction hash ? or the link of the transaction like I’ve shared for comparing ?

There is an AMA on November 21th, on X (ex Twitter) I guess.

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I think someone is in your zendesk system. I asked about my tokens and I got this response:

This has nothing to do with the problem. I am having a problem with the Purse Contract. Is this really support?

Of course not! For PURSE they respond here on a forum. They never dm first.

No, I filed a ticket at That was the response.

Ticket #29526

I guess I can post it here, but I didn’t get all my Purse:

Look at the time difference between the two claims and the one that gave me a perfectly round number.

Just tried to harvest my PURSE from the LPfarm (BUSD) but didn’t recieve any…
My balance stayed the same. Nothing has been transferred and the tokens on the scan shows 0 Purse too.

PURSE-BUSD pool reward already deprecated. Please migrate your tokens to PURSE-USDT to continue farming. :gift:
The estimated start time for the reward is Friday, November 24, 2023, at 00:00:41.

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this looks like a DM forum response, the projects zendesk response will come in email as it’s an email you sent to, if this is a forum reply in DM report it!! it will be scammers

Mee to.

Have they answered you anything?

That is not really an answer, i know the PURSE BUSD pool ended but what happened to my Purse earned/rewards that I tried to recieve before withdraw from the pool. Followed all the steps, like the Purse medium mentioned but didn’t recieve my rewards…

I totally agree with you, I have been in the project since its beginning, supporting pundix and fx also with my capital and talking about it in my economic circles

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Hello, I contacted 6 days ago and opened a ticket 29551 but I still haven’t received a response, can you help me from the forum

Hi, Can you help me with tle problem. Thanks!