Ongoing Discussion: All things f(x) Wallet Beta

  • 1 Feb 2022 update: this thread will NOT just be fore feedbacks on the Christmas beta version, but all other beta versions from now on. *

Ho ho ho!

It’s Christmas and the team is feeling joyous! For the braves, we have concocted a special Christmas version where you can play with our pre beta f(x) Wallet. It comes with special and limited NFTs which will officially go live in Q1 2022.

Important: you are NOT required to uninstall your official f(x) Wallet and you can simply download this version and create a new addresses from new mnemonics. As this is a pre-beta version, expect bugs but funds are safu.


Well done and Merry Christmas team.
How do we find the NFTs and how do we claim or mint them?

I just want to say that main wallet page can be looks more better.
Cryptobnk and other futures looks perfect.

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Can’t open on iphone

iOS 15.2

Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > Enterprise App > Pundi X Labs Pte Ltd (Approve)


Thank you orbitant! :slight_smile:


A suggestion:

Instead of using the word “Deposit”, i think it can be renamed to “Earn”.

  • “Deposit” gives a first impression of wanting to deposit crypto/money into the wallet app
  • “Earn” is more suitable and is being used by all DeFi Protocols


Beta Current Look

The boxes can be more organized and priotized to look more straightforward to the eye.

Delegate FX | Delegate PUNDIX - should be side by side and should be right at the top.

I photoshopped 3 types to give a visual explanation.

Once the NPXS and Staking is over, it can be removed for the app to look cleaner.

We should organize it in a manner where the most used feature should be at the top.

My idea is #3 which i outlined - i have a little bit of experience in organizing first look appearances.

  • FX Bridge should be at the top & the one that encompasses 2 boxes
    Reason is we want people to utilize fxCore as much as possible by using our all in one multi-chain bridge

  • Followed by priority - Delegate FX | Delegate PUNDIX
    We want as many people as possible to delegate their tokens to reduce circulating supply and to secure the network so this has to be at the second layer for sub-concious influencing.

Not sure if you guys have read how Facebook / Apple place certain functions at different parts of their website with psychological reasons behind it to give subtle influences to the user such that the user won’t even notice it but it actually influences them to do click it / buy it / eyes on it.

Like how people do Advertisement Placement at certain parts of the website for better engagement and clicks. In luxury retail shops like Hermes, Chanel & Gucci, they call them Visual Merchandiser.

Most used features should be at the eye level before scrolling down.

I believe Earn and Buy with Bank Card should have their own page, but if it is not possible then i guess can put under the other 2 empty boxes.


On Android the beta fx wallet it lets you go through the individual networks but you can’t go backwards, you have to exit the app and reopen to see all the networks again

answer is swipe on the page not the icons, also go left 1 to see NFT Assets

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I miss the option “add asset”.
So can’t see how grouped assests looks like on the “all chains” tab.
The way it is presented in current version (1.13.0) would be great.
Anyway, “all chains” tab should be more clear in distinction of the chains.
Maybe by highlighting the chain name with some color.

I like the slide option through the different chains.

Not sure what option “scan assets” is?

CryptoBnk looks great.
Agree with @Scene on that, to organize by priority or importance.
Or maybe posibility to “self organize” by user.

Аккуратный кошелек. Не найдено как пользоваться НФТ.В 2022 году токены метаверсий и проектов гемифай будут востребованы, добавьте в кошелек. Спасибо команде за работу!

In Cryptobnk under Ethereun there is a delegation tab which i looked into and it redirects you to your wallets and highlights the FX core wallets to coin you have you can delegate, But if your not going to be able to delegate erc20 FX I think it will cause confusion being on the Ethereum page.

Tried the BSC NFT redeem works great, got 5 lots of 10 first lot and last lot the Images have yet to show on the assets page, those not showing images have numbers. 171 to 180 & 211 to 220 just put these numbers here for if that helps the developers, 30 images to NFT numbers between these are showing Images 181 to 210.

I think the current CryptoBnk in the main app explains it well with words description - showing the APY too will influence people to stake their tokens.

To make it more modern, they can use the colors they use in the beta app and put it in the current main app.

The new layout in the beta wallet doesn’t take into account for new comers first time opening the app. It may confuse them. It has to be clean and straight forward without needing to explain.

User experience is #1 - Organize for a clean look and Prioritize based on importance.


Lots of users are giving their feedback on Function X Official / Unofficial Telegram. Do take a look at all their feedback. Cheers!

How can i add $purse?
I created new wallet and want to try out WAGMI and the nft minting.
For that purse is needed, but can’t find how to add this asset anywhere?

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Hello everyone community !!!
I installed the beta version of the wallet and found this:
When you choose the tron ​​network, you cannot choose any other one. You need to close the application, log in again, and only then the interface is reset.
I hope you got what I meant)
I will fix the screenshots.

Hello, that’s correct, at the moment you cannot swipe on the left through the icons. Tho, if you swipe on the left on top of your address, it shall go to the previous chains.

Thank you. Yes, it works in the address zone. But instinctively you are trying to change the networks in the zone where the names of the networks.

Agree on this. Missing that option as well. Since I’m also curious how assets are showed when you’ve got multiple on the same chain.

And it’s not clear how to find the addresses of the coins you need. For example “Purse”. After all, there are only networks.

Having the blockchain name beside each icon would be more user-friendly since not everyone know what each icon stand for.

New investors to the crypto space may waste time swiping left and right trying to find the correct chain they want since they are not accustomed to chain icons. Have to build it in a layman’s perspective so new users can interact with the wallet without needing to crack their brain.

Like → Ethereum - FXCore - Polygon - Binance - Tron

Having the chain name will be very straightforward to any user, new or old.

Users will instantly know which chain to look out for rather than looking at the blockchain icon and wondering what icon belongs to what chain.


Other than that, i really love the effort the team is making :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The Cryptobnk page looks really nice, but agree with @SCENE on the layout perspective.

The actual wallet page looks quite messy at the moment, better to have it cleaner like the view of the current wallet. Keep it as simple as possible so less technical people are also capable of understanding it.

Next to changing deposit to earn which makes sense.
Deposit would make more sense for Buy with a bankcard.

And if there are tiles which are not relevant anymore, deleted them asap, keeps the looks more clean.