Proposal discussion: pre-proposal DAOverse v2

Good good


Hey everybody.

We spoke about the timing of the presentation yesterday and we are almost ready. We need about one extra day because of a version Update in Unreal Engine, but we are almost ready to go and showcase our state of the project.

So we ask you as community and the team @SCENE @indra @zaccheah @DavidK

When in the next 2-7 days you want us to do the presentation? i would like to have it planned somewhat like 2-3 days upfront so everybody who wants to participate can plan the timing.


Right now, I’m available anytime. So, I’ll fit to whoever constraints…

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since no one really cared about a timing and its essential for us that all decision makers can see this,
we decided a video will be the better option to showcase the state of development.

we will produce a high quality showcase video. #rollthedice

Since i will do the video production and in the next days we have some familiy holidays in Germany it will take a while. I try to get it ready by Tuesday evening.


im excited for the showcase. Keep it up.