Proposal discussion: pre-proposal DAOverse v2

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Hey everybody.

We spoke about the timing of the presentation yesterday and we are almost ready. We need about one extra day because of a version Update in Unreal Engine, but we are almost ready to go and showcase our state of the project.

So we ask you as community and the team @SCENE @indra @zaccheah @DavidK

When in the next 2-7 days you want us to do the presentation? i would like to have it planned somewhat like 2-3 days upfront so everybody who wants to participate can plan the timing.


Right now, I’m available anytime. So, I’ll fit to whoever constraints…



since no one really cared about a timing and its essential for us that all decision makers can see this,
we decided a video will be the better option to showcase the state of development.

we will produce a high quality showcase video. #rollthedice

Since i will do the video production and in the next days we have some familiy holidays in Germany it will take a while. I try to get it ready by Tuesday evening.


im excited for the showcase. Keep it up.


Short Update.
I am still in the recording process.
Problem was I Didnt finish the quality I wanted in time before I got the Keys of my New house. This last and upcoming week is full of moving to the New home.
I first thought of finishing it in between the moving but I noticed that working with half Focus is not useful.
In around 10 days we are fully moved and I have full Focus again and we can present it with the quality it deserves. And actually we will have New Features by then so we can actually Show more than wr wanted at first.



Take your time! :+1:

Looking forward to it.


Heyo @Alchimist - Just saw this; what happened about this pre-proposal? What is the news?

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Would be great to see you guys working together as well…


Oh absolutely, we are always open to new ideas and healthy partnerships within web3 gaming. And the ZooGames Protocol is the perfect tool for all this btw :wink: ( for more detailed inspection of what ZooGames has to offer dev-wise)


Hey everybody.

Sorry that I Didnt Update in Time. I still need till next week for the presentation since my wife needed to get surgery this week and I had to prepare everything.

Sorry for the wait. I will get it put asap


No hurry…
Family and health first !!


Hey people,

Sorry that I was so silent again. But it seems to turned out good. The surgery was successful and it seems the cancer is gone :partying_face:. We had a rough time but I Look forward to have a good time soon and I can go on with the project as it deserves.

Thanks for your wishes.

Yours Patrick aka alchimist


Good news.

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Hey friends,

What a whirlwind these past few months have been! We’ve been on quite the journey, making some pivotal decisions about the future direction of our project. Given that our roots and initial momentum started right here with all of you, we feel it’s only right to keep you in the loop.

Firstly, I’m thrilled to report that the project is thriving! We’ve seen monumental growth, improvements, and advancements.

However, there’s a significant shift in plans. While our initial intention was to launch as an fx token project, we’ve decided against moving forward with this approach and will not be presenting another proposal for the fx egf. Trust us when we say this wasn’t an easy decision. A lot of our initial inspiration and momentum came from this community. However, with the direction the “Zoo” proposal has taken and observing the stagnant, if not declining, community development over the past three years, we felt compelled to take this path.

Here’s what’s happening:

Our dedication is unwavering. As I type this, we’re in the process of establishing our company as a joint stock company in Cairo, Egypt. This move resonates with our team, especially since Cairo is Shady’s hometown and offers more strategic opportunities for us compared to Hamburg, Germany.

Regarding the core Daoverse project, we’re still in deliberation about which blockchain to utilize. Our focus is on a Cosmos/EVM-compatible chain, which allows for building our own parachain. This ensures fx users can still join the project via a bridge. We’re optimistic about forging a meaningful, long-term partnership that benefits all parties.

As for funding, we’re kickstarting our self-organized funding round. Tomorrow marks the beginning of our Family and Friends pre-seed round. Having worked closely with many of you for nearly five years, it’s of utmost importance to us that you have the chance to join in as more than just investors, but as friends.

By participating in the FFF investor round, you’ll secure a bonus on the share price set for the upcoming SEED business angel round planned for December.

I genuinely hope many of you will join us on this venture, and together, we can integrate our platform with the Function X mainnet at the earliest opportunity.

For a comprehensive overview and details, please refer to our investor papers. They’re available on our linktree: daoverse.investor | Twitter | Linktree

Cheers to the future we’re building together! :rocket:


I’ll read all of this throughly tomorrow oening. Thanks, still, for offering a chance to join in the project’s funding !

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would love to have you all on board and to connect to the fx chain as good as possible… we are one big family

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It was sad to see how the zoo proposal turned out. Would hve been a great addition, yet the core fx team didnt seem very open to it. Ohwell. Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out


Hi Patrick & Shady;

This closure and inclusion, is very humbling, and thank you for the opportunities. This post actually speaks volumes about your integrity and professionalisms, something one would expect from a CEO of a company and very encouraging.

Having learnt the deep open world and the mechanics of what DAOverse is building, I was excited initially at the beginning and even more so now! I simply love the ideas surrounding it all.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on sticking through your vision, your determinations (which has excelled) and the very best of luck with DAOverse in its entirety.

There is much to talk about regarding the foundational opportunities constructed with DAOverse for anyone in cryptoverse to plug-in.

I would suggest adding some new trailers here, in due time, any updated infos, features, etc so the community can keep tabs, and perhaps add more value, suggestions, strategies, etc.

It is also encouraging to know for many years the lead Dev and CEO of a crypto based project, for once before actually getting involved.

I look forward to more progress, which I know you guys will do, no doubt, and I shall be supporting you, Shady and DAOverse.

Let’s do this, this is how things start :fire::muscle: