PURSE DeFi Side (LP, Staking, etc.)

Hi Pursians!
This thread was created to post DeFi-related questions about $PURSE.

Please ask LP, Staking, or other questions about dapps supporting $PURSE here.

Official Announcement Thread is for announcement, not token-related things.

Thank you,
Purse Team

Dear supreme lord @Purse,

We will be launching our vaults in 24 hours, please help us to tweet and promote :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Does team Purse have a governance proposal system like Function X for us to apply for $PURSE token grant? We plan to start with ~$200,000 of $BAVA incentivize for our vaults, so $100,000 for single side $BAVA and $100,000 for $BAVA-$USDT farming, so some help from ur team will be much helpful ser. :smiling_face:

Of course, we will tweet and promote that vaults!

PURSE is part of the Pundi X ecosystem.
So for the PURSE-related products, you can submit the proposal on the Pundi X Chain Governance Proposal.

It’s good to hear the incentive program of $BAVA :facepunch: Let’s build! :hammer_and_wrench:

Thank you

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Hi Joe,

I think same amount of rewards for both tokens is a great idea. Let’s wait for some comments from Pundi X team and community members.

Congrats for the launch too, the development is very fast.

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Thanks lord @Purse @indra, our pleasure to be serving Pursian community. Our vaults is now officially live!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 14.54.04

Please let us know if u tried it, and it is now earning 62% APY by autocompounding as compared to 40+% on pursetoken.com. Also please note that we have NOT yet incentivised our $BAVA token but will do so in two weeks’ time. And if u ape in early we might have some special reward for u (NFA).

And plese please help retweet.


Will we break $100,000 TvL this week?

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.06.25


I just added liquidity for Purse-USDT on pancake swap, BSC chain. I still don’t see any CAKE-LP balance for deposit on Baklava. Am I missing a step?

Never mind, I was doing this on Pancake swap V3. Worked fine when I switched to V2.

Hi Joe,

Let us know once Baklava team has added the BAVA rewards. We will help to promote :slight_smile: