PURSE Official Announcement Thread

This thread was created to post official announcements from PURSE.

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Excited to see what you are cooking on PURSE. While there were a few disappointments, a project’s vision the isn’t always a perfect match. Nonetheless, I continue to support PURSE, hoping your plan will lead us all to a huge incredible success.


Multichain | The Vision of $PURSE

The Crypto Index report from Chainalysis indicates that crypto adoption is still growing, even after the FTX saga. Central and Southern Asia are leading the way in grassroots crypto adoption.
The path of crypto adoption is heading toward a brighter future.

PURSE plays crucial roles in our merchant crypto network, helping merchants equip themselves with crypto facilities and become crypto enabled, including accepting crypto as payment, tokenizing loyalty points, and launching fan tokens, among other services.

PURSE is the World Coin for Merchants


Traditionally, loyalty programs are created to encourage customers to do regular transactions at a merchant. There are two common issues that merchants and customers encounter,

First, merchants can only receive revenue when the customer has made the purchase. To incentivise clients, certain loyalty programs require merchants to pre-fund the program, with no guarantee that the merchant would return to make another transaction.

Second, customers need to do several transactions to accumulate loyalty points to be able to trade them for goods. In some cases, customers only have a short period of time to accumulate points, which is frustrating, and there is a high chance for users to forfeit the accumulation and not return it to the merchant.

Additionally, the current loyalty point system is fragmented and non-interlinkable, requiring users to have multiple loyalty programs with different points and methods, which is confusing for users.

Exploring $PURSE

With the PURSE merchant program, merchants can pre-sell the loyalty points for fundraising purposes or even redeem the loyalty points from the open market to offload the liabilities from their balance sheets. Customers can trade the loyalty program in one platform, and can pre-purchase the points if they want to.

All transactions happen on-chain and accessible in one platform.

The $PURSE token is a native cross-ecosystem token

$PURSE token functions as the native token of the PURSE Merchant loyalty point platform, and the gas fee for the transaction fee on PURSE Merchant platform. To empower this vision, $PURSE will be launched as a cross-ecosystem token, which means that PURSE will be multichain

PURSE was initially launched on BNBChain and PundiXChain, with a plan to be live on all chains that are supported by the Pundi X ecosystem. We have taken the first step, and $PURSE is now live on Ethereum.

You can find the contract address below:

$PURSE Token (ERC-20): PURSE TOKEN (PURSE) Token Tracker | Etherscan

This will also be an important step for $PURSE as a payment network and enable merchants to launch their loyalty tokens on any chain that they want. More chain support will be announced officially soon.

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Can we have auto compound feature for purse, either directly on pursetoken.com or on baklavas space?


Hi @SiverSurfer we Baklava Space is building one rn!


I have Pundix on Pundix chain, but I cannot delegate. the APY of the validators is also not indicated


where is all your latest material being posted; in the forum Guys ??


https://twitter.com/Purse_Land/status/1754838293026652422 300,000 PURSE up for grabs

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There seem to be new changes that were not mentioned in this thread, like the transition to 404 contract type.

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Purse will host ERC404 projects & 404 enthusiasts to talk about “Why ERC404 Are Worth Attention”!

:date:Apr 17th, 9AM(UTC+4)/1PM(UTC+8)

Details: https://twitter.com/Purse_Land/status/1780234240199655588
X Space Link: https://twitter.com/Purse_Land/status/1780234243886526542

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