Top Exchange Listing Fees & Contact Info

Exchange Listing Fees

  1. $5000 : LAToken Listing and Marketing → Rank: 96
  2. $5400 : Indoex Listing → Rank: 123
  3. Unknown Fees : Zebpay → Rank: 62
  4. $7000 : CoinTiger Listing and Marketing → Rank: 149
  5. $15000 : HotBit Listing → Rank: 110
  6. $20000 : WhiteBit Listing → Rank: 94

Contact Information Links

  1. LAToken: LATOKEN
  2. Indoex: Indoex Digital Assets Exchange
  3. Zebpay:
  4. CoinTiger: Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | CoinTiger. Apply and then public voting
  5. HotBit:
  6. WhiteBit: Cryptocurrency token listing | WhiteBIT

Can EGF funds be used or is there separate Funds? @zaccheah @indra @DavidK @BlueStitch

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Good info however, I am always wiery of all these low exchanges though as the risks are quite high with listing on those platforms.

exchanges that do not deliver volume don’t help projects as post listing the pairs struggles to attract volume and end up delisted.

And in extreme cases a hack which would eventually result in a dump of tokens on the community, Bilaxy in a typical example.

In addition to the current exchanges we have I think we should concentrate on getting listed in Huobi,, Coinbase, and most importantly Binance.

If we could get Binance + any of the rest that should be more than enough.


I don’t think Coinbase will list us soon.
Solana is listed on LaToken and Hotbit

Kucoin was hacked, fx is listed there. Top 100 Exchanges can be considered

Yes, we can apply for EGF, why not.

Chances are if an exchange is listing-worth, we are already in talks and likely for an extended time, and if it’s not listed yet there are reasons to it - REAL listing fee too high, lack of REAL liquidity, or compliance or observation period etc.

Was looking some through coins and their website have a list of exchanges. Actually listing on exchanges even if it doesn’t have high volume is also good for marketing.

Because the exchanges themselves will advertise and tweet about listing $FX which is also marketing and each exchange usually have 100-500k followers.

Not just that, more people have more choices of which exchange they want/can use also.

Right now, we need accessibility for all kinds of users - old/new investors.

Picture credit: Verasity Website

Like I said, if you think there’s one that we should be talking to, we are likely already talking / talked to.


Found a listing agency

Used by meme coins for listing help. Top exchanges like binance, huobi etc

Saves team’s time and effort for exchange listings


There are some exchanges that list for a Fees but also in top 100 volume. Those can be considered first.

For example Latoken lists meme coins for fees. 5000$.
Latoken has listed Solana also, so must be trust worthy.

Check for consultation help

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Wow this is very nice!! -

I would love to have $FX on FTX Exchange, reputable and have direct bank transfers in almost any country including Singapore, direct wire bank transfers for both deposits and withdrawals for DBS/POSB.

No other exchange does it except FTX - They accept different FIAT currencies too.

P.S. this is not p2p but a direct bank transfer to the exchange itself.


If fees are higher and if it is a top exchange I think we can cut some funds from other Genesis Funds and list it.

Or community can donate some fx for listing fees. I have seen Meme coins using community donations for listing on exchanges like LaToken

I am happy to donate some bucks

Also can be consulted for listing and fees consulting help for best offers. Many coins use them.

I’m not asking you to confirm anything but is there any hiccup with binance especially related to listing fee because that is one exchange that is worth whatever they’re asking and have to do everything in our power to get.

I think what would help the community is to establish at least a show of confidence on the state of any centralized exchange efforts

What I mean is, many of us are speculating wildly on what the hold up is regarding any specific exchange.

Are there NDA’s in place to limit communication about a specific listing attempt?

If not then being specific and less vague with us will give us a direction to work with.

Creating a community action item list and being transparent would go a long way.

For example.

High Profile exchange XXX

  • In discussion & review period
  • Exorbitant listing fee negotiation
  • Regulatory compliance concern
  • Pending phase 3 product launch partnership
  • Exchange requires a active user community over XXX Size to list

This is just a set of concise examples and direction I firmly believe the community will appreciate and embrace no matter what the actual results are. Living in this Fog with so many unknowns is not healthy for the project and many community members are spending huge amounts of effort that could be completely waisted. Potential case in point with the efforts of trying to get on the exchange Bitvavo on twitter recently.

We as the community have no actual power to make negotiations on behalf of the FX team when it comes to listings and corporate partnerships. Sure we could potentially set up the channel but not knowing what the outcome is or what stage potential talks are is very difficult to work with in a Decentralized Marketing effort. Proper communication moving forward is paramount to maintain trust and give the voices supporting the project the proper direction and confidence to keep marching forward.

To summarize. We need clarity so that we can focus on efforts that actually have positive effect on the community to help grow awareness strategically with well informed decisions.


Well written.

Yes, for reputable exchanges NDAs are in place that strictly prohibits any discussion of a potential listing. It’s our long standing policy of not commenting on which and when and wait for exchanges to announce it when it happens.

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Thanks for the response.

Would you recommend then as a community that we do not focus our efforts any longer on exchanges? It seems like the answer you are implying about the major exchanges already in progress would limit any impact that we as the community asking would have.

In lieu of continually asking for exchanges as we have been, the directive of focusing on alternatives such as community growth, education, or a slew of other topics could be galvanizing for us.

Please let us know your thoughts on the CEX listing efforts and where we should focus our energy as a community.

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Can community members contact exchanges for listing through their listing process?

Will team post required info for listing purposes?

I have seen ownership renounced meme coins doing this. Community members contacted exchanges and fees paid through donations.

If exchange agrees for Listing will Team pay the fees?

Talking about medium sized exchanges listed in above post.

@zaccheah @DavidK @indra

Also can FX team use service for listing assistance and negotiations. Meme coins and some other projects use them.

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I believe team already working on listing on the exchanges. However, they can’t say specific names for now. I think best we can do is to wait.


Thanks @zaccheah @DavidK @indra for coinbase listing. New listings are free marketing.


Thanks, stay tune for more exciting news. We are working hard to make it happen :slight_smile:


Hope you have looked into exchanges mentioned above as well.

How much did coinbase pro listing cost? Just curious. It’s okay if its private info.