What should we call our DEX?

Great job. Community is proud of tha team


Oh gosh, exciting! Looks really good!

Is the name FX Variable? :smiley:

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Looks like the name will be “FX Variable”…
Gosh, @zaccheah , you’re really a nerd…
Next project will be “Parametric Function” : :wink:


Cross posting for more exposure. Can anyone give some more feedback?


Hey girls and guys,

Now that we have a much clearer picture of how our decentralised exchange looks like

  1. perpetual
  2. derivative
  3. synthetic assets
  4. full blown decentralised trading platform that lets you trade TESLA-like assets at high speed.

And referencing the preview images here what do you think again about the naming? Variable is the project name and we will use it as the alpha version name, but for public launch should we still stick with the name? Also hope @Danny and @DavidK can weigh in their thoughts.


I like; but needs to stand out for the Launch, maybe, Fx Variable / DEX, but in the end It’s the loudness of the marching band that will get the attention!

I vote yes

Very Nice :heart:

I kinda dig the name FX Variable. Sounds good +1

In trading, there are lots of variables. It fits the DEX exactly.

I vote yes

Looks like we have interesting public technical documentation available here : FX-DEX docs

BTW why not stick to the “f(x) Variable” name ? :slight_smile:

The f(x) freedom exchange :relaxed:

Personally, I like something more straightforward - easy to understand. Like FX DEX. Variable is hard to pronounce in some languages - so maybe not as strong from a branding perspective. Also, just the meaning “variable” isn’t that positive in my mind. Like the weather - unpredictable. It might be accurate, but I’d prefer a more neutral name.


I’m also in for FX DEX.

  • It is simple
  • Says it all
  • Easy to promote. You do not to explain everytime it is a DEX.
  • Short and stays in the FX-names-family
  • And Variable has for me a bit of a negative association. Yes crypto is a gamble.
    “A variable can take on several values”

How about naming it

Functionality, maybe to long a word.

I feel just Fxdex will confuse a lot of people when trying to find it because of the foreign exchange cross over.

Hi @DavidK ,

I suggested the name FXDX some time back in this discussion thread. The inspiration came from the name Function X and its mathematical representation f(x) , similar to the mathematical representation of the derivative notation dy/dx pronounced as DYDX .

Maybe the FX/PUNDIX team can shortlist a few names from the very many names already suggested by the community and organise a vote to decide the launch name.



copy @zaccheah


since ‘f(x)’ is math language, I prefer to stick with it

variable is more like a project code name - not finalised yet

how about ’ ∫f(x)dx → pronounce as fx-dx?

note: The symbol ∫ f(x) dx is read “the indefinite integral of f(x)” . It stands for all functions having derivative f(x).


I like this suggestion, and I had made it a bit ago up this thread. Its elegant.

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I like; but for the life of me I cannot find that symbol on the keyboard; making the symbol common knowledge will also be required if your going to use it.

This might help Integral signs (type integral symbol on your keyboard) (fsymbols.com)