DAOverse creation proposal - Welcome to the DAOverse

I agree with @DavidK that

  • DAOVerse needs to lower down the ask (I voted YES but many are not comfortable)
  • Reduce Quorum from 40% to maybe half 20% so even if company validator don’t vote the public can decide proposal final results.

I repeat again I support DAOVerse but I prefer smaller size $ to start, we are all custodian of EGF funds. Have a good day people.

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I repeat again I support DAOVerse but I prefer smaller size $ to start, we are all custodian of EGF funds. Have a good day people.

Agreed on this point. I think we need to start thinking collectively on the EGF funds. Yes, on one end, it is definitely good to have projects like this develop on our network.

But also, I feel the ask is a little high and should be made into tranches with more deliverable short term targets. And also a side note, what would happen to the ecosystem with a release of such a huge amount of funds 800+K FX in one shot if the proposal goes through? How would that affect the tokenomics and price of FX? And if this proposal went through, how much would other proposals request for in the future?

With regards to the display of proposals on the wallet, notifications…

The team is working very hard to bring that to the table. In addition to the sorting and display functions of other validator information. @FrenchXCore Since the last update, f(x)Wallet has a more comprehensive display of validator details. You may refer to the public monday board to track community requests.

On that note, rome wasn’t built overnight, the Eth and BTC network took very long with a lot of issues before they became a household name. And even still, they haven’t reached mass adoption. Unless we have $68.7 Billion of spare cash to acquire a gaming company, we have to slowly build things up and that includes growing our network and userbase organically.


@Richard , I know how hard you, @Chloechloe and other people work to make things happen. And I am plainly confident that we are on the right way.

But it’s not what is at stake here. As I always say, we need to talk frankly, and we can have arguments as long as it’s constructive.

Here, we’re talking about DAO, and yet we have an unreachable 40% quorum. I trust the team, but still, I wonder how this quorum %age could be proposed by the team, knowing that at least 49.5% of the coins are on cold wallets controlled by the team (there’s plenty of other >1M-FX addresses beside the one I quoted).

I’m not concerned with the team owning a lot : it was the rules displayed by @Zac in 2019 and we knew them. I’m just concerned with the quorum and how each team address, whether their tokens are destinated to the FX-project or individuals, is related with this quorum

I’m representing a community who invested massively in $FX, and who really wants it to succeed, as well as $PUNDIX, and who was willing to take big chances since 2019 (for $FX). I need to show them some visibility on how it’s governed and what the risks are. And currently, I have very few visibility on the roadmap and technical features, at least for 2022 (EVM into mainnet, FXDEX operation, PUNDIXChain use thru XPOS, XPOS sales, etc.).


@FrenchXCore we will change the quorum and will discuss in AMA tomorrow, now we need to get back to building cool products :slight_smile:


I have undelegated 1.281 million shares and will begin the sell-off in about 2 weeks so I’ll be the guinea pig to see what type of price impact 823k will have.

No disrespect to the company but you are losing trust and you are losing big investors and I hope this is a wake up call for you guys that you have to communicate more, be more transparent and just quite frankly, develop quicker. Case in point, 3 months later and still no FX on pancakeswap even though we all been asking for it for months. And finally, you need to do more marketing, get out there, be loud and be heard, twitter only takes you so far. I attend an AMA for a project that’s been out for less then 2 Months, and they have 200 plus joining their AMA. Having investors are important, but also important is having passionate investors and we have maybe 20 of those.

You guys sold us on BOB, code-less nodes, and code-less blockchains and those are no where to be found, not even on the roadmap. Those are the things that gave us a competitive advantage and without those, we are just another middle of the road blockchain.

I know you’ll say be patient but we’ve been patient for 3 years and mainnet was 7 months ago with no Dapps to be seen and if we have to wait another year for the things like Bob and code-less blockchains, we’ll be long forgotten and more competitors that are bigger and better are coming in.

Bitcoin and ethereum were built long ago when blockchain was in its infancy, most blockchains have learned from their mistakes and blockchain technology is a lot more advanced then it was before. Solana and Matic and many others have developed more in less time also.

I think you still have time to right the ship but you have a long road ahead. I wish you guys all the best but you have to really listen to the people.


1000 vote for this

What you gonna say zac?

Why you delete JL23 post?
Freedom of speech

I deleted it, he didn’t. I will say it but I’m not ready to have it out there yet.

Say it loud
I’am on your side
All fxer and pundian are on your side

Thanks @zaccheah .
Hope you know w’re really into FX.

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DAOverse @Alchimist @KuzoIV:

  1. Just bear in mind, actual end products, need to meet end product expectations or desires. I have noted your sustainability awarenesses and their issues surmounted.

  2. There is considerable consistency how dedicated you are to DAOverse and your willingness to engage with lengthy detailed explanations. I never doubted tbh, because of many reasons, some I break down below.

  3. Perhaps what is needed is more support, ensuring it’s success and feedbacks on dedicated a telegram group is a good start.

I can go on why you’ve been consistent, between two different period of core Pundian supporters. Sheriff’s been here while I was in the main group years back, Patrick entered afterwards. Its a long explaination if I start typing, which I think is not necessary.

  1. With more engaging support, ideas and various ways how pundi/fx communities can actually get involved with it all.

These are the things that are needed imo, not the amount requested (I’ll come to this in a moment), ruggages, or short coming.

So far as read, you’ve held your end of the robust plan and intricate decisions and details.

  1. I believe had you stated and started off by explaining that, a a world (actuality the City of Teel) is sufficient enough to build with the initial egf funds, would have been more beneficial for all parties.

However saying all this, this has imo been the test of critical issues, a leaning curve, and further testing of your WP’s creditabiliiy, liability and vision.

  1. The vision is endless here. I think it’s important we see this through and actually think of other usecases for the community to plug-in further, somehow.

So some ideas can be as such;

a) Maybe DAOverse can utilise with Holoride project. Slight chance here, only because how the projects type of usecase is applied. But I do think its worth checking the project out, to see if it can benefit you in the long road ahead. Something is ticking in my mind, but can’t connect it all yet. You’ll see when you see the project & what I mean, worth a look to formulate ideas or suggestions for DAOverse.

b) Custom made characters can be a paid exclusivity.

c) Can BlindBox be built on fx core to remove eth cost and automatically on-board a large number of Pundians…

d) Able to mint bosses/ or side mission characters, out of the classes already created. But maybe have to fulfil multiple steps.

e) Buying items (using p/fx/purse in order to expand in-game missions, fight challenges, special bosses etc, and given special treasure box rewards, legendry loots, more nft drops, or special building materials for building homes, etc

  1. Plug into #realm project and really open up endless possibilities. It’s basically portals into your world, through theirs. Check it out called #realm https://www.realm.art/

  2. Perhaps asking other talented community programmers or wizards to join DAOverse, eg Kenorb, Claudio rings to mind. Frenchxcore too busy.

Some conclusions;

  1. I think all questions and answers are exhausted now, and we as a fx forum community need more ideas for the city.

Having more ideas here will certainly bring much more plug-in opportunities, for example some here in the future, may be able to make a proposal to open up something in Teel City, like a store, museum, mercks, etc (a use case in short)

  1. Twitter handle Minato (who makes the VR stuff could be someone else to consider within PundiVerse or even play a part of DAOverse…) Just an idea.

  2. Purchasing of land or existing homes… Things like these would be great ideas. Ie leaving plenty of room for future plug-ins and use cases for Teel City.

  3. Communities can possibly come up with more story concepts, ideas, twist and turns for the paid writers, making it more enjoyable as possible. Or even side lores, mission etc.

Can you see, we have started on the wrong foot here imo, if they didn’t derserve a chance, then who will. Let’s grow this bad boy and fx and pundix folks.

Unreal engine 5 is more than good enough, some of the best PS4/5 X box uses Unreal engine 5. It’s gonna look pretty and slick and that’s what draws attentions and the crowd with a bit of marketing/community support.

People like graphics and it displays quality and efforts to untrained eyes, regardless if game play is poor and no story structure. I’ve been into causal gaming for years, gave up since 2017, since this freaking crypto came into my life.

I really have to read through the WP again, after reading all these comments. Apologies for my delays and absences.

I think we have been too focused on the chuck needed (and other things), rather than thinking a big project needs bigger funding. I think we kinda have to thank both team members here with their patiences and resilience to explain to us why. I can see both sides here, and thank them again because this was the hurdle to cross, they both understanding the concerns realised and vice versa.

Another way of looking at this, is that it’s only 1/75M. We’ll have plenty left, plus the commissions of (40%) returns back to community wallet/s. A very well thought action plan and deserves all the backing from every member imo.

Let’s not forget the fx coins were built up by everyone, including the community, the team developments of course and supporters like Patrick and Shady over the years. Yes they can go elsewhere but have not, said numerous time.

Let’s conclude this on all manners and turn a new leaf, whereby they can actually live & implement their dreams and show us their evidential skills and talents.

Morning Suggestion;

To change the wp font. People are put off with the slightest details to read. Making it eye appealing and not difficult to read is a must. People won’t be bothered if their eye needs to squint.

Sorry to rumble on, but I could have worded the whole thing better or differently, but I am playing catch up, and wrote this very late last night. I don’t even have time to edit things properly.


@Superbit123 , no need for apologies. Your conclusions are fact-oriented, and the DAOverse “small” team is very professional !
As far as I’m concerned, I can’t do better than what I did up to here, i.e. promote this project in the ecosystem and discuss about the governance.
I really wish this project succeeds… Of course, it is also a perfect test for DAO governance discussions, demonstrated by all the exchanges in this forum.
Now, we just need to move forward and demonstrate how good the ecosystem can be.
Thanks to everyone !!


hey bro thx for the extensive reply and your many ideas i try to catch all of them and see what can be done with them.
Some are already tackled like
b) the custom made characters plan which we started to promote with the nft giveaways of #rolltehdice, the pirate captain for example will be designed by that winning community members suggestions.
c) blindbox mint on fx or bsc/polygon to remove fees is in progress since december together with @BlueStitch and @indra
d) boss/ monster nft, plan included, i already got the daoverse.monster domain for it since september :smiley:
e) is part of the whitepaper and proposal
10. is part of proposal and whitepaper
9. already done it 2 months ago i only got an annoyed “i dont have time for that” reply…
11. is part of the play2earn / service2earn concept

a) + 6. i am in talks with another project hub Www.ready4player.com but i will look into your suggestion too, thanks

4.+ 7. + 11. yes we want to involve as much and many as possible, right now its just too time consuming to create our content to show and start building. this will change after proposal ends as that will decide if it actually will be build on fx or not. And about what numbers we can talk to give out as airdrops, payment and project shares.
We start building a DAOverse community with telegram, forum and active discord soon as our CMO will enter end of january. Just right now the days are just too short to tackle without our CMO.

as you said the vision is endless here. We are looking forward to build it with the community in every aspect.

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Although dropping in trenches is seen as comfortable (and more chances of a yes vote) it still questions trust and in essence. It won’t make no differences ultimately in the end, to us, because they will still need all of it and more in fact.

Patrick had explained in detail why this lump sum will aid DAOverse, ie delegating, hires, and community wallets.

So if the question is about trust level, I think they pass in my books, since they’ve stuck with Pundi/fx through thick and thin.

The anomaly here is the one off household names vs trust vs size of the project.

Had it been anyone else outside of the community, my views would be different and much more cautious.


thanks for illuminating that part. And yes the constant questions of setting up tranches and lower the proposal is bringing up questins for myself, since everything is backed up by actual plans to use to improve fx liquidity instead of decreasing it. But it seems the fact that i want to produce as low impact on fx price stability as possible while raising the chances of success is heavily ignored and that questions myself if FX is ready for this kind of project.
The FX proposal was the first of our plans of how to start and the only emotional one for me, thats why we wanted to do that as first.

we will see in a few days what will happen :smiley:

Touched my heart :relaxed:, I can’t thank you enough for such words to see things as we see and want others to see.

And thank you for encouraging everyone to start focusing on how we build the product and add up ideas how the direction of game goes as what you mentioned than so much focusing on money talk which is about 80% of discussion on forum but am still positive as it didn’t reflect yet on real voting but some how am disappointed.

I believe our upcoming update video will have most of what’s missing as pre-pre alpha version. Which break down to points below.

I had added to it infustructure system which is widely used in such games. Which includes inventory system, material harvesting, character selection, different class battle modes (archer, mage and warrior) this includes animation and stances which can be upgraded or added with so much ease. still need to add double hand battle mode in next update, As well as smartest AI system in unreal engine (I barely could do basics of it as this is way out of my league in knowledge) am just an interior designer :joy: but I learnt loads on new stuff lately :relaxed:

We also prepared illustration of house designs in the upcoming video and weapons illustration

Once we go further I will build the land and houses self construction blueprints so demonstrate how someone can addup the structure they want.

I can show all the blueprints I use in the system if this matters :+1:t3: probably am going to do recording for that, I think its crucial for some people like you who really would like to see directions.

Last I would like to say, both me and Patrick we trying our best to keep up with the flow.


I’m really looking forward to the update video. Thanks to both of you who always calmly and calmly answered my sometimes extreme questions. You passed my test and I’m looking forward to more news about the game


Just thinking : we probably had the best discussion ever on this thread !
This is very constructive.

@zaccheah , @DavidK , before going on a decision on governance, especially since I probably won’t be able to make it tomorrow for the AMA, I think we should open another thread to discuss it plainly. This involves risks, transparency, good calculations of risks/benefits in accordance with DAO objectives, with the dispatch of team (Product&Marketing, Engineering, PUNDIX conversion, …) funds, EGF funds, CommunitySpendPool funds, etc.

We need to take some time to discuss it all together to stand for a good decision for the months to come, at least, and then to evolve in accordance when FX ecosystem (funds) will evolve.

Have a good night/morning everyone !


That’s why i suggested before to hold off the proposal first. We have to discuss the pros and cons of everything before making a proposal. I already did my part by voting but i agree totally with @DavidK on everything he said.

It will be better to showcase and discuss before actually making a proposal. Making a proposal and then marketing is already the wrong move. By doing that, you don’t have much awareness surrounding your project yet.

By showcasing and discussing with the community for a certain period, the proposal have a higher chance of passing. I think it was too hasty.

Also, for a large projects like this, do consider reaching out to VCs like all other game projects.

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