DApps you want to see available in f(x)Wallet

Hi community.

We are now planning to provide access to more DApps in f(x)Wallet, and want to know what DApps you’d like to see in our next new version.

Right now f(x)Wallet supports Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, f(x)Core, Pundi X Chain and Tron. DApps based on these chains would be preferred before we support more networks.

To make it well-organized, we plan to sort DApps by 8 categories in f(x)Wallet 2.0 (at least for the first release), just like other wallets. The categories are:
· Finance
· Exchange
· Social
· Collectibles
· Gaming
· Gambling
· Utility
· Other

DApps to be listed
Currently there are 25 candidates in our list, including 16 proposed by our colleagues within the team.

Dapp Name Blockchain Category
1 Delegate FX Ethereum, f(x)Core Finance
2 Delegate PUNDIX Ethereum, Pundi X Chain Finance
3 Deposit [aggregator] Ethereum Finance
4 Buy with Bank Card (powered by Ramp) Ethereum, Bitcoin Exchange
5 Crypto Gift BSC, Polygon Social
6 Mission WAGMI BSC Collectibles
7 Staking [concluded] Ethereum Finance
8 NPXS Redenomination Swap Ethereum Other
9 Guess Rise or Fall [Under Development] f(x) Core Gambling
10 Uniswap Ethereum, Polygon Exchange
11 Curve Ethereum, Polygon Exchange
12 1lich Ethereum, Polygon Exchange
13 AAVE Ethereum, Polygon Finance
14 Compund Ethereum Finance
15 Maker Ethereum Finance
16 Yearn.finnace Ethereum Finance
17 Lido Ethereum, Polygon Finance
18 DYDX Ethereum Finance
19 Pancakeswap BSC Exchange
20 Venus BSC Finance
21 Alpaca finance BSC Finance
22 MOBOX BSC Gaming
23 Polygon staking Polygon Finance
24 SunSwap Tron Exchange
25 JustLend Tron Finance

Besides those candidates above, what DApps you’d like to see available in f(x)Wallet?
Leave a comment in this post to let us know or you could also drop your favorite DApp(s) in this sheet :star_struck:


Hi :fox_face:,

Contact me on telegram please.
Our marketplace would be nice :+1:

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I want see Fx in pancakeswap $Fx liqudity pair.
I want to see games apps like play and earn


Quickswap - Polygon Exchange
Hopeforchildren - BSC Collectibles
Lottery - Bsc Gambling (for purse bsc)
Built-in dapp browser
nft market place


Is there any portfolio tracking app? A portfolio app that manage our entire DeFi portfolio from one place. I think so far, majority of the cold wallets, including Ledger, Trezor and other mobile apps have some sort of portfolio tracker with charts that show our entire portfolio.

Example of Ledger from google:
Wrong portfolio or asset value in Ledger Live – Ledger Support

I think it will be categorized under Utility? Something like DeBank, Treehouse, Zapper or Zerion.

This is a full list of popular DApps from ConsenSys.

There are a few more categories according to ConsenSys:

  • Essentials
  • Art Marketplace
  • Music ( So far, there is no app in the whole market that gives this ) 1 app - Audius
  • Decentralized Finance
  • Lending/Borrowing
  • Pooling & Investments
  • Portfolios
  • Token Exchanges
  • DAOs
  • Prediction Markets/Gambling
  • Work
  • Collectibles
  • Games & Virtual Worlds
  • Social Networks

GAMES like Bomb crypto - Luna Rush - UFO GAMING will be great

But having a browser inside fx wallet will be great :gem:

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We are always looking for like-minded team and team members, either for you to launch your own DApps (think EGF) or to work with our developers and jointly form a team via an entrepreneur-in-residence idea.


Pancake swap fx


A very interesting DApp would be an automatic FxCore and crosschain crypto-to-stable application along with a liquidity pool, allowing for up to 10 seconds fixed conversion rate (2 blocks).

I couldn’t find any on the web, but maybe, I didn’t look closely enough.



As these have concluded, wouldn’t it be better to not include them anymore so as to avoid any confusion.

  1. 0x protocol (Other)

  2. Opensea (NFT)

  3. DODO (Exchange - Polygon Chain)

*USERS indicate unique monthly users
*Data from dappradar.com


1.)We need easy buy $Fx and stake and liqudity. Pancake swap and bsc is best way to do it.!
We need pancakeswap app in fxwallet.
2.)Games. Lotarry. Walk and earn. Play and earn. Like thats

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@zaccheah are you planning to have your own DEX like pancakeswap or could I add this to my FoxGamingProject?

I hope you are able to provide a solution on F(X) Wallet for a very frustrating problem many people face when using Trust Wallet.

The issue arises when trading between different chains (Uniswap on Ethereum Chain and Pancake Swap on BSC).

The example goes as follows:

  1. Lets say 1 have 1 Eth and want to buy a token
  2. To trade on Uniswap, I need Eth (on Ethereum Chain).
  3. I happen to have Eth on Ethereum chain and bought 1000 Falcon (made up name) with it.

Now, a token with high expectations named Hawk (again, made up name) starts trending on Pancake Swap.

  1. To buy that token, I need tokens on Smart Chain.
  2. So, I sell 500 falcon for .5 Eth (on uniswap).
  3. I can’t immediately go to pancake swap and exchange it for Hawk.
  4. I have to send the Eth back to Binance.
  5. Convert it to BSC.
  6. Send it to Trust Wallet.
  7. Convert to Smart Chain.
  8. And then make the transaction.

Again, when dealing with Ethereum Chain, it is very slow and pricy.

I don’t know if evm and bridging would solve it but would be nice if the wallet has a simple solution for it. i.e. reduce the steps and time needed in order to make the transaction as quick as possible between multiple chains.

@zaccheah @Chloechloe


I would like to see liquidity pool Dapp for cross chain pairs, so that people who have low volume of tokens don’t have to pay high cross chain transaction fees.


-FX(ETH) to FX (FX Core)
-PundiX (ETH) to PundiX (PundiX)
-PundiX (ETH) to PundiX (FX Core)
-BTC (BTC) TO BTC (PundiX)


Memebers who provide liquidity to these pools can earn portion of the commission.


Integrate Multichain ( Previously known as AnySwap )

  1. Apply to get Function X network listed on MultiChain
  2. We will have access to token swaps on every single chain in the app

We are in need of a big range of swaps.


Private blockchain Email, messaging, & 2fa code app’s that are private with no data collection, where Purse earnings can pay for your subscription if it cannot be provided free, no fancy overheads just basic requirements & end to end encryption. I want to feel my crypto messages to family, friends, Accountant & exchanges are safe from prying eye’s, googles data collection concerns me & thinking about 2fa code they would know every thing you access time date, there has to be more private safe abilities; 1 corrupt ex google worker / hacker could destroy anyone; I think these things are greatly desired as people start to understand the infiltrations into your lives these tech firms have become; if your to be a future Crypto Coinaire (Millionaire) in this world the last thing you need is the world going public with all your details.


Hi Scene,

I am currently working on this and just had a discussion with their dev & BD team. I could not confirm anything (since it is not finalized yet), but i would say we received positive feedbacks.


Personally, i prefer a wallet that integrated Yield Farming Protocol, and I think Trust Wallet was integrated it on the right timing last year. It was really helpful for users, so I would suggest to integrate:

  1. Beefy Finance (Beefy Finance).
    Beefy is a leading multichain yield farming protocol and Trust Wallet was gained a lot of attention from new users because of Beefy Swap integration (during the BNB pump last year).
    Currently, they have integrated multichains, and we can integrate the top AMM DEX from each chain (take reference from Beefy Top AMM DEX)
  • Pancake swap (Binance Smart Chain) → in the dapp list (post #1)
  • Quick Swap (Polygon)
  1. Portfolio tracker. Something similar Yieldwatch.

  2. xAnchor
    We have not integrated Avalanche to f(x) Wallet yet, but i think this is crucial.
    Integrating xAnchor can help to boost attention from Avalanche + Terra community (since UST is the native stablecoin there).

  3. Rarible (i think it is not very urgent)
    NFT marketplace, ETH + Polygon.

For the first release, 8 categories might be a bit too much imo.
We can focus on 3 categories (maybe Exchange, Yield Farming, Lending, + Bridge (if needed)) and integrate the top dapps from each chain, and add more categories after that.

The approach model will be similar to “Minimarket” concept, instead of “Supermarket”. The app offers the most used apps, so new users can get more familiar with it, before we add more categories.


Looking forward to Function X logo being listed on Multichain. Fingers crossed