f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Bugs/Fixes & Technical Support

Thanks, that particular error is fixed now, it looks like it was enough to disable fast sync to make it work, it looks like it was something specific to windows in particular as that error didn’t show on a non windows system.

Hi everyone,

I’m interested to join as a validator. really promissing project! I’m web dev in trait - comfortable to promise enough technical know-how for setting it up & running it reliably.

Is there room for a new validator? Would the fx team support with delegations? Any of the private validators can share insights how to attract delegations :slight_smile:

I’m assuming there is a lot of room TO BE MADE available.
Right now, amongst the 50 validators, plenty are still from the team.
But I would assume the team could either propose to increase that number, or to free room for new public validators. But the best thing to do is still to run a validator node, even if it’s inactive, to vote for proposals, etc. and to show how you manage upgrades and DAO swiftly.
Others and team (@Richard ), what do you think about it ?

fair enough. I’ll get a node running :+1:

seems you’re a private validator?

Actually, we call ourselves “public validators”.
There are currently 3 types of validators (all running the same software though) :

  • public validators (like others and myself) : we contribute to secure and advertise the blockchain, to educate the people, to help them, and eventually to propose tools and ideas → we vote !
  • association validators (like A.B.I., etc.) : they represent strong associations in the Web3 world → they never vote
  • team validators : they represent initial team validators → they never vote


ok node is running. can anyone from the team confirm if the node is running correctly? haven’t created the validator yet though

fxcored status shows it’s catching up

fxcored version release/v3.1.x-f40128a37aefdf66ee9bddd63000ef3189b6a0f6

running service as a daemon as well - as recommended.

btw… shoutout to whoever wrote the guide. it’s a breeze to go through setup with that at hand! :slight_smile:

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you have to wait until catching up is false
this is what I get for my node as status:

  catching_up: false
  latest_block_height: "9087110"
  latest_block_time: "2023-03-03T18:51:29.547737719Z"

here you can check latest_block_time, if it is current time then your node is synced

I managed to create my validator today too (for now is inactive):


awesome :+1: all the best!

fxcored keys add RoamingMind

created validator wallet, and trying to add it to metamask. the eip55_address seems to be the only value matching expacted format of privat key that I need to import the account on metamask. none of the key’s received from above fxcored keys add seems to work. what am I missing?

This command will generate a mnemonic that is a list of words that you can use later to restore the wallet. From a mnemonic some wallets can create multiple addresses that can be used. Metamask should be able to also use a mnemonic, or you can try to use fxwallet directly (you may want to use fxwallet if you don’t use it yet as it makes it easier to delegate to a validator for example).

After you have that mnemonic then you have to save it in a safe place because it can be used later to restore your account if needed.

Try adding the following “–coin-type 118” at thé end of your Key add command… Or with “–algo secp256k1”…

Alright, got it working and put 150fx on it

anyhow… I see in the list of inactive validators there are already a number of publics which also have some delegations. I think my chance to get a quick spot would depend on the team opening up more room for publics. I’ll keep an eye on the project in hopes to get a chance to join!

You can get a spot now as a pundix validator, in case that you don’t have one there already.

You gotta keep in mind that validators still use “secp256k1” keys and are running using the Cosmos-native features. That’s why you need to use “118” coin-type and “secp256k1” keys.
ethsecp256k1 keys are for EVM transactions only.
However, you can easily use the same private key for both, but it will results in two different addresses:

  • secp256k1 : a simple FX address (let’s call it FX-A)
  • ethsecp256k1: an EIP-55 0x… address, working with EVM, and a corresponding FX address (let’s call it FX-B, different from FX-A)
    When using Cosmos-native features (slashing, etc.), you can use FX-A or FX-B addresses
    When using EVM, you can only use EIP-55 address, or in some cases FX-B address (actually, FXEVM converts automatically EIP-55 and FX-B addresses to the same bytes).
    Also, you an transfer tokens using fxcored CLI from FX-A to FX-B using Cosmos-native features.

The reason why it’s working this way is that when EVM was implemented, new ethsecp256k1 keys were used, and there was no way to keep the same public key (used to compute the public address) for both algorithms. One day, I think we will be able to migrate everything to ethsecp256k1, but there are so many backward-compatibility risks that I’m assuming it’ll take time.


thanks a lot!

haven’t checked on that, thanks for the hint :+1:

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For the new validators, theres some admin that ill need you to do

@RoamingMind @CryptoKid @11110 @Aghanims

  1. Add me and the official twitter accounts for pundix & functionx @BlueStitch will help make the announcement
  2. provide @lancelai with a validator logo based on the specs here
  3. pm @lancelai and he will add you to the validator telegram channel and group
  4. pm @lancelai on the best way to be contacted in the case of emergencies like validator missing blocks…
  5. do tweet about your validator nodes and post in the forum and telegram channels and think of creative ways to get more delegators. Disclaimer (NFA, DYOR), free airdrop on twitter for say the first 5 delegators above 10k FX would garner a lot of attention. that might help you break into the top 50 active validators.
  6. if you wanna do a bit of self intro here, where you’re from, what your day job is, what hobbies are, why’d you join the FunctionX ecosystem, feel free to do so! :grinning: :grinning:

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