Function X Portfolio Project

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a long time supporter of Function X and Pundi X and I have a suggestion on a community-based project that members of the community (staff and non-staff) can work on!

I’ve created a document to describe what this Function X Portfolio project is about:

In summary:
The project: Function X Portfolio, will be a simple and ecosystem-dedicated platform that displays key metrics of projects (FxSwap, MarginX, etc) across Function X, and users will be able to view a simple portfolio of their assets, and record private notes for their own use. It will also have a section where f(x)Core validators can introduce themselves and share their portfolio if they like. When more projects join the ecosystem, Function X Portfolio can grow to display more data from these new projects, and it will not be a competitor to any existing project in the ecosystem.

I’m currently working on the prototype for Function X Portfolio, but because the project will be community-based, everyone can participate in enhancing it once the prototype is launched.

What does everyone think?

I am in no capacity a stakeholder of Function X or Pundi X and this project is done purely out of my enthusiasm to make Function X an even better ecosystem for all.


I support this. +1

We definitely need a portfolio tracker for the FXCore ecosystem where we can view everything in a single dashboard.


Any difference from Alphaday? @SCENE

Hmm, Alphaday does have a portfolio tracker too. I’m not too sure about the differences.


This is Alphaday’s portfolio tracker.



Will Alphaday portfolio be able to track MarginX’s positions and ERC20-pools that get bridged into FXCore?

Maybe @jmurph093 can clarify the differences between his and Alphaday.

If both has their own unique features, I don’t see why not.

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But if too similar, I don’t think it’s good, we are at a growing stage.

It depends on whether it can show MarginX’s pools or not. Plus, Alphaday aggregates social data too.

If that’s the only differentiator then it’s not a strong proposal.

Currently, if I am not mistaken, Alphaday shows only lending and yield farms for their portfolio.


@jmurph093 is proposing it can show baklava’s synthetics, marginx pools and more.

The main difference is that Alphaday is a social data aggregator, while this is mainly for all positions, pools, similar to a yield dashboard that is focused on yield/positions/perps/synthetics.

I think each has its own target audience - specialized in their own ways.

  • Social data (and others) vs Yield data.

Anyway, let’s see their opinions for clarification. @jmurph093 and @Mike-Alphaday


Consolidation - cool stuff! Support :slight_smile:

I agree with @SCENE , perhaps @jmurph093 can show case a prototype of the Function X Portfolio project in the coming week(s) and the rest of us can chime in from there. No matter what the project is, it’s good to have diversity in our ecosystem. I like the idea of a community-led project too.


Hey everyone, you can now access the prototype here!


I’ve included a documentation to show how to use it and describe bugs that are still present. Please note that this is still a super early prototype so its still flawed in many areas.
(Function X Portfolio Prototype - Google Docs)

As someone who only codes in his free time, I can only allocate a certain capacity to this project, so I may not be able to meet all the demands of the community. Thanks for understanding.

Also to clarify - I will not be asking for/launching a proposal for this.

Happy to take any feedback!


Great! works well!

Wow! Will be cool to have this integrated on

Nice work!


Hello I have been holding FX and pundix since 2020 the project is good but few people know about it please work on marketing


Happy to see that the project is well received!

I’m working on bringing up some updates, mainly:

  1. Resolving the refresh issue so you can stay logged in the app
  2. Including a “Delegations” section in the Portfolio so that you can see your delegations, withdrawals, total rewards, and their worth
  3. Changing the account creation to a Wallet Connect QR code so the app feels more like a dApp, and you can use it with your fxWallet

I’m hoping to release these updates within the next 2 weeks or so, or I might release them in batches depending on how far I get.

Just to reiterate, I’m not trying to build another Nansen or Dune Analytics, that’s too much to handle for one guy. What else do you think would be great for the app? :smiley:


This is super awesome! Love it already!

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Maybe we can workout some top feature request as time goes on, which is in your capacities… Probably best to see the initial app first and bug fixing before newer features are worked on…

I personally have not got my head around the potentials yet. One feature that might be good is to see which validators have voted (for general public), maybe the team is needed here for further inputs, any security concern waivers, and general inputs of utilising the app.

So the idea is to have this entry access only for validators datas such as, total rewards (private data), commission rate (public), live reward counter (private) etc etc etc. So one set of features for private use via validators wallet connect and one for the general public overviews datas.

Maybe including charts, graphs of delegators etc etc.

Margin x & pundix validators can have the same and any other future zone or subnets of fx Eco.

Maybe under validators profile, their tweet feeds on dashboard, a follow button, a message contact system…

I am not too sure about all this, just rambling on with suggestions maybe it can start off some greater implementations in the future…

@SCENE will know this portion of the write up (even if pex nft were to materialise, that could be other data’s in one place, with live slot of remaining or not filled share indications ) the amount that are available (pexs)

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I use your project daily. well done! I love it.
I dont know if we need that but I would love to see for example in FX/ETH Pool how much fx and eth i own.

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Hi @jmurph093 :wave: Is your website under maintance?

Yes, apologies for that. I’ll be releasing some new updates within the next 24 hours!