Function X Portfolio Project

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a long time supporter of Function X and Pundi X and I have a suggestion on a community-based project that members of the community (staff and non-staff) can work on!

I’ve created a document to describe what this Function X Portfolio project is about:

In summary:
The project: Function X Portfolio, will be a simple and ecosystem-dedicated platform that displays key metrics of projects (FxSwap, MarginX, etc) across Function X, and users will be able to view a simple portfolio of their assets, and record private notes for their own use. It will also have a section where f(x)Core validators can introduce themselves and share their portfolio if they like. When more projects join the ecosystem, Function X Portfolio can grow to display more data from these new projects, and it will not be a competitor to any existing project in the ecosystem.

I’m currently working on the prototype for Function X Portfolio, but because the project will be community-based, everyone can participate in enhancing it once the prototype is launched.

What does everyone think?

I am in no capacity a stakeholder of Function X or Pundi X and this project is done purely out of my enthusiasm to make Function X an even better ecosystem for all.


I support this. +1

We definitely need a portfolio tracker for the FXCore ecosystem where we can view everything in a single dashboard.


Any difference from Alphaday? @SCENE

Hmm, Alphaday does have a portfolio tracker too. I’m not too sure about the differences.


This is Alphaday’s portfolio tracker.



Will Alphaday portfolio be able to track MarginX’s positions and ERC20-pools that get bridged into FXCore?

Maybe @jmurph093 can clarify the differences between his and Alphaday.

If both has their own unique features, I don’t see why not.

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But if too similar, I don’t think it’s good, we are at a growing stage.

It depends on whether it can show MarginX’s pools or not. Plus, Alphaday aggregates social data too.

If that’s the only differentiator then it’s not a strong proposal.

Currently, if I am not mistaken, Alphaday shows only lending and yield farms for their portfolio.


@jmurph093 is proposing it can show baklava’s synthetics, marginx pools and more.

The main difference is that Alphaday is a social data aggregator, while this is mainly for all positions, pools, similar to a yield dashboard that is focused on yield/positions/perps/synthetics.

I think each has its own target audience - specialized in their own ways.

  • Social data (and others) vs Yield data.

Anyway, let’s see their opinions for clarification. @jmurph093 and @Mike-Alphaday


Consolidation - cool stuff! Support :slight_smile:

I agree with @SCENE , perhaps @jmurph093 can show case a prototype of the Function X Portfolio project in the coming week(s) and the rest of us can chime in from there. No matter what the project is, it’s good to have diversity in our ecosystem. I like the idea of a community-led project too.